Sally Blevins

Fighting Typical
Agility Remarkable
Strength Poor
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 60
Karma 60
Resources Poor
Popularity 0


Force Field: Sally constantly emits a personal forcefield of Shift-X rank. This provides protection against physical, gas, mental, and energy attacks.
She can temporarily turn her power off by making a Psyche FEAT.
By succeeeding in a Psyche FEAT she can extend the forcefield to cover other people and areas. For each person or area covered the intensity is decreased -1CS.
She has learned how to “skate” on her force field to reach Excellent landspeed.


Skating, New York City underground Tunnels


Morlocks, New Mutants, X-Terminators, X-Factor, Acolytes II, Mutant Liberation Front, X-Corporation


The mutant known as Skids has a personal protective field that provides nearly total protection from all attacks. Her force field has unique properties that make it impossible for anyone to hold on to her. Therefore, Skids cannot be grabbed or entangled and can move at moderate speeds by “skating” on her force field across the ground. If Skids concentrates, she can extend her force field to protect others in her immediate area.

Little has been revealed of Sally Blevins’ past. It is known that her power first manifested itself after she was abused by her stepfather. The current status of Blevins’ parents is unknown. She ended up a runaway, living on the streets (or rather under them) with the Morlocks, a group of homeless mutants. At one point, Blevins encountered Rusty Collins, who was being pursued by the Freedom Force (government-chartered mutant enforcers composed of former members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) and a mob of mutant-hating humans. Collins had accidentally injured a woman with his pyrokinetic powers and was wanted by the U.S Government. Blevins’ force field allowed the two to easily escape, but were eventually overtaken by the Freedom Force on the edge of Central Park.

Before the evil mutants could take them in, a mob of humans attacked the Freedom Force. In the confusion, Blevins and Collins escaped. Blevins tried to get Collins to the safety of the underground home of the Morlocks, but the Freedom Force caught up with them again, this time in the sewers beneath New York. The Force member Blob was pounding Collins into the sewer wall when the mutant hero team X-Factor arrived. After a brief skirmish, Freedom Force retreated.

With X-Factor’s mentorship, Blevins and Collins began to learn more about their powers, and were the first of several X-Factor trainees. They shared other adventures alongside the rest of X-Factor’s trainees, at one point calling themselves the X-Terminators. In this capacity, the team helped stop a demonic invasion of New York.

Eventually, X-Factor was disbanded and most of their trainees were inducted into membership of another team of young-heroes-in-training, the New Mutants. Blevins and Collins, however, learned instead that Freedom Force were taking mutant infants that were abducting during the demonic invasion into government custody. They tried to save the children but were imprisoned. The other New Mutants were unable to rescue their friends due to their concurrent adventures.

While in prison, Collins was able to break himself and Blevins out, in order to prevent the villainous Vulture from releasing another villain, Nitro, from captivity. The couple were returned to custody, however, and were not

A mutant terrorist group, the Mutant Liberation Front, took notice of Blevins and Collins and broke into the high-security installation liberating Blevins and Collins. In the process, they had a brief run-in with the time-travelling mutant Cable, who was also trying to rescue Blevins and Collins at the same time. For reasons of their own, the couple voluntarily joined the Front, and served with them for a brief time.

Blevins and Collins were kidnapped, however, by the Acolytes of Magneto when that team of self-styled mutant saviors attacked and decimated the ranks of the Front. The Acolytes took the couple to the orbiting space-station Avalon and inducted them into their group.

Later, however, the mutant Holocaust attacked the Acoytles and destroyed their space station headquarters. Rusty Collins was killed and Blevins was injured. Holocaust was stopped by the mutant heroes X-Men, and Blevins was taken to the X-Men’s mansion for medical attention. Upon recuperation, Blevins left the mansion without being noticed.

Blevins had become a college student, studying biological sciences. She was contacted by her friends of the New Mutants who had long since become members of the team X-Force, but they were all attatcked by the villain Reignfire, who was then leading an incarnation of the Mutant Liberation Front. During the adventure, Blevins’ force field disrupted the teleportation abilities of Front member Locus, causing both of them to be caught in a trans-spatial backlash which deposited them in the Balkan country of Latveria.

Blevins and Locus were then captured by an age-old sorceress named Pandemonia, the self-styled Queen of Chaos, who sought to recruit mutants into her own personal army. With the assistance of the young sorceress Jennifer Kale, X-Force managed to defeat Pandemonia and rescue their ally.

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