Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer
Norrin Radd

Fighting Amazing
Agility Monstrous
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Incredible

Health 325
Karma 135
Resources Poor
Popularity 20


Invulnerability: The Surfer can withstand great extremes of temperature caused by the build-up of friction within atmospheres or the vacuum of space or the intense heat and radiation of the surface of stars. The Surfer is also immune to toxins and diseases of all kinds. The Surfer also does not age, though he is not technically immortal in a “godly” sense. Fire, Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins, Disease and Aging
Power Conversion: The Surfer has the power to channel cosmic radiation into his body and transform it into useful forms, including sustenance and energy for his other powers.
Ability Boost: The Surfer can augment the strength of his cosmic energy powered body to a degree that rivals the Hulk’s formidable rage-enhanced strength. The Surfer can increase his Agility and Strength to Power rank for 1-10 hours a day. By focusing on one ability, he can raise it to Shift-Z for 1-10 rounds. Raising physical abilities in this way also increases his Health score accordingly. The Surfer can also raise his Body Armor to Shift-Y for 1-10 hours a day or a maximum of Shift-Z for 1-10 rounds a day in this manner.
Plasma Generation: The Surfer can project extremely powerful cosmic energy blast of Unearthly Force or Energy. By channeling cosmic energy to his limit, he can boost this ability to Shift-Z for 1-10 rounds once per day.
Self-Regeneration with Unearthly ability.
Heal Others with Unearthly ability. He cannot restore lost Endurance Ranks.
Detect energy and type anywhere on a planet, with Unearthly ability.
True Flight: Surfer to fly even without his board up to Class 3000 speeds in space and Shift Z max in atmospheres although does so rarely.
Elemental Conversion, Molecular Conversion, and Mechanical Creation: The Surfer can manipulate matter and can rearrange the molecules of matter to create other configurations with Unearthly ability. He cannot, however, create life or living matter from nothing.
Shrinking: The Surfer can use his cosmic energies to allow him to shrink with Class 5000 rank ability, to an extent that allows him to enter the Microverse.
Given the nature and scope of the Power Cosmic, the Surfer may develop other Powers over time.
Body Coating: His body is surrounded by a flexible metallic shell that gives him Monstrous resistance to physical attacks and Unearthly resistance to energy attacks.
Flight: The Surfer can channel cosmic energy enabling him to fly even without his board up to Power rank speeds in space and Shift-Z max in atmospheres. He rarely does so however being that he can fly effortlessly with his cosmic board.
Life Detection: He has the Unearthly ability to detect the presence of life energies within 500 light years.
Energy Detection: Surfer can dtect any form of energy with Unearthly ability within 500 light years
Telepathy: He has Good telepathy. This is mostly used to communicate when normal conversation is impossible. It also allows him to rapidly learn a new language.
Postcognition: The Surfer has the Poor ability to see events that occurred up to four weeks ago. He must be at the site of the event in order for this power to work.
Enhanced Senses: The Surfers senses of hearing and sight are vastly superior to most beings. He has proven capable of clearly discerning human sized objects in detail a light year away. Hypersensitive Hearing and Telescopic Vision up to 1 light year away.
Cosmic Awareness: The Surfer has certain cosmic energy enhanced perceptions that surround him. Thus he can tune in to the universe and perceive the presence of powerful cosmic entities with Unearthly rank ability.
Life Support: The Surfer does not require food, water, or air since he absorbs life-maintaining cosmic energy directly through his skin. Although his body does not require sleep, his mind still does in order to give it an opportunity to dream. The Surfer’s mind only requires sleep about once ever earth month in order to maintain a healthy mental state. (Class 1000)
Karmic Tap: This power allows the Surfer to tap into his reservoir of willpower (Karma) and increase his Power Conversion by 1 point for every 2 Karma spent. There is no known limit on his karmic tap abilities. This is limited to the same round in which he spent/converted his karma. Rolling an Red Psyche FEAT roll will permit another round of benefit from the Karma spent. This power is considered a free action, may be done in addition to other actions in the round.


The Silver Surfer’s board is a construct of unknown material. It appears to be made from the same reflective material as the Surfer’s body coating. The board is psionically linked to its owner and can automatically respond to his mental commands. It can travel independent of him and return to him if they are separated. When he rides it, the Surfer’s feet automatically adhere to the board’s upper surface. The board has the following powers:
True Flight: The board can attain Class 5000 speed. Within planetary atmospheres, he moves at Shift-Z speeds.
Dimension Travel: Once its maximum speed is reached, the board can enter hyper-space to quickly reach any section of the universe.
Phasing: The board has the Monstrous ability to render itself and its rider(s) temporarily immaterial. This power is used to enable them to pass through a barrier or to travel through space without risking collision damage with spaceborne particles.
Body Armor: The board has Class 3000 Material Strength.


Due to the Surfer’s high personal moral standard, all Karma losses are tripled.


Martial Arts D, Space Pilot


Galactus, Fantastic Four, Drax the Destroyer, Adam Warlock


Norrin Radd was a member of an extremely long-lived race of humanoid aliens called the Zenn-Lavaians, who had achieved virtual utopia, as disease, poverty, war, and all other social ills had been eliminated many generations ago. Radd, unlike the rest of his race, was discontent with their hedonistic lifestyle and believed that his culture had become stagnant without fulfillment in quest, yearning, and struggle.

Years ago, however, the planet-devourer called Galactus came to feed upon Zenn-La, a process that would render the planet barren and lifeless, and Norrin Radd implored with his friend, a scientist and member of the Council of Scientists, to arrange a spacecraft for him so hie could rendezvous with the invading ship in order to discuss peace. Norrin Radd’s craft was taken aboard the home vessel of Galactus, who explained to Radd that while he meant the world no malice, he had been searching for a suitable planet for too long to begin anew. Galactus mused that if he had a herald who could scout suitable planets in advance for him, populated worlds such as Zenn-La could be spared. Radd volunteered to serve Galactus permanently as his herald in exchange for Zenn-La’s safety. Galactus agreed, and used his cosmic power to transform Norrin Radd into a being capable of serving him. Galactus gave him a new name as the Silver Surfer, and immediately dispatched him to locate a planet for his master after a final farewell to his beloved, Shalla Bal.

Radd served his new master for many years while delighting in the wonders of the universe. As time passed, however, the task of finding suitable planets for Galactus became increasingly difficult. Perturbed that his Herald’s moral compunctions were preventing him form performing his primary task, Galactus subtly erased form Radd’s mind the knowledge of his humanoid origins.

Galactus had gone for an extended period of time without nourishment when the Surfer neared Earth’s solar system. Learning of his imminent arrival, the alien Uatu the Watcher alerted the hero team Fantastic Four to the dire implications of the Surfer’s presence. When Galactus landed in New York City amid mass hysteria, the Fantastic Four tried to engage him in battle but were unable to defeat him. The Watcher sent the Human Torch to another galaxy to secure the Ultimate Nullifier, a weapon whose power Galactus feared. During this confrontation, the Surfer landed on the rooftop skylight of a studio rented by Alicia Masters, the blind sculptress and girlfriend of the Fantastic Four member, Thing. Masters attempted to befriend the Surfer , sensing his noble demeanor and his inner loneliness. The Surfer was persuaded to defy Galactus and aid the Earth.

The Torch returned from his mission and presented the Ultimate Nullifier to the leader of the Fantastic Four, Mister Fantastic. Dismayed by the sight of the weapon in human hands and the Silver Surfer’s betrayal, Galactus yielded. Before he retreated, the powerful being erected an energy barrier attuned to the Surfer’s specific cosmic powers and designed to repulse the Surfer’s attempts to leave the outer atmosphere of the Earth. (The barrier affected only the Surfer or a being possessing the Surfer’s specific powers, not obstructing the passage of any other person or object.) The Surfer, unable to breach Galactus’s barrier, wandered the Earth.

Innocent and trusting, the Surfer later fell victim to the wiles of Doctor Doom, who used his advanced technology to transfer the Surfer’s cosmic powers into himself. Now possessing incredible might, Doom wreaked havoc upon the Earth until Mister Fantastic tricked him into attempting to breach Galactus’s barrier. Doom’s collision with the barrier alerted Galactus, who stripped Doom of the Surfer’s powers and restored them to the Surfer.

As he spent more time on Earth, the Surfer decided to bring about a union of all humankind by becoming a dangerous enemy against whom all nations would have to join forces. The Surfer created widespread destruction on Earth until the U.S. Armed Forces used the experimental Sonic Shark missile (based on the “Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing” Mister Fantastic had designed to use against the cosmic-powered Doctor Doom). The Sonic Shark drained away much and perhaps most of the Surfer’s cosmic energies. Humbled, the Surfer renounced his attempt to battle mankind. Subsequent exploits of the Silver Surfer, however, have demonstrated that his cosmic powers have since again achieved extraordinarily high levels.

The Surfer continued his exile on Earth, hoping to breach the barrier someday and be reunited with Shalla-Bal. During his wanderings throughout the world, the Silver Surfer allied himself with the Fantastic Four on several occasions, and even joined the fringe heroes Hulk, the Sub-Mariner, and Doctor Strange in forming the loose-knit team known as the Defenders. The Surfer would irregularly adventure alonside the Defenders throughout their existence. His principal antagonist on Earth was the demonic Mephisto, who had continually sought to break the noble Surfer’s spirit and enslave him to his will.

In recent years, Mister Fantastic used his technology to aid the Surfer in breaching Galactus’s barrier at long last, warning the Surfer that such a feat could be performed only once. The Surfer thus escaped Earth and returned to Zenn-La, only to learn that Galactus had taken his ultimate vengeance for the Surfer’s betrayal by devastating Zenn-La. The Silver Surfer returned to Earth, voluntarily accepting entrapment behind the barrier once more, in order to find her. When he did, Mephisto used his powers to transport her beyond the barrier back to Zenn-La. Unable to follow, the Surfer endowed Shalla-Bal with cosmic energy that would restore fertility to Zenn-La’s soil.

Later still, the Surfer joined forces with the villainous Molecule Man to save the Earth from destruction through colossal devastation caused by the alien Beyonder.

Shortly after, it was again Mister Fantastic who suggested a successful trick to escape Galactus’ barrier: the barrier only blocked the Surfer’s transportation, not his body. Reforming his surfboard on the opposite side of the barrier, he was free to adventure in the cosmos once more. His first actions inadvertently led him to discover a plot by the Elders of the Universe to kill Galactus and thus, they believed, create a new universe. The Surfer was aided by the hero Mantis, and together they helped bring about the defeat of the Elders. In gratitude, Galactus agreed to allow the Surfer to freely roam the universe.

His first act was to revisit Zenn-la in the hopes to reunite with Shalla Bal. Unfortunately, Shalla Bal had accepted a leadership position for her people, and believed that she could not share her life with the Surfer any longer. Later, the Surfer and Mantis began a romantic relationship, but the Elders, in retaliation for thwarting their plot, forced the Surfer to choose to save either Mantis or Shalla Bal from a trap they placed the two in. The Surfer was able to save Shalla Bal, but in the process, Mantis was believed killed.

As the Surfer continued to roam the universe, he became involved in a new Kree/Skrull War, and at one point revived the Super-Skrull from a death-like state and later revived the native shape-changing powers in the Skrull empress S’byll. This act would ultimately revive the shape-changing powers of the Skrull race that were previously believed lost. The Silver Surfer was kidnapped by the Kree and absorbed into their Supreme Intelligence. However, when the Surfer escaped, he took with him the so-called Soul Gem, which the Supreme Intelligence was using to keep cohesion among the millions of minds it had previously absorbed. With the Supreme Intelligence thus temporarily incapacitated, the Kree/Skrull War abruptly ended.

The Soul Gem was one of many that were soon collected by the mad Titan, Thanos, and used to make the omnipotent Infinity Gauntlet. The Silver Surfer was among the many heroes that assembled to stop Thanos’ plans to kill half the universe, and the Surfer was instrumental in helping the hero Warlock defeat Thanos.

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