Silver Sorceress

Laura Cynthia Neilson

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Amazing

Health 52
Karma 120
Resources Poor
Popularity 5




Astral Projection: Excellent
Flighht: Amazing
Shield-Individual: Incredible
Telepathy: Incredible
Magic Detection: Amazing
Precognition: Good
Levitation: Excellent
Manipulation: Excellent
All other Personal spells he may use are of an Remarkable power rank.
Conjure: Remarkable
Eldritch Beams/Bolts: Monstrous
Mesmerism: Incredible
All other Universal spells he may use are of an Remarkable power rank.
Dimensional Aperture: Unearthly


Mystic Background, Occult Lore


Justice League


The early adventures and origin of the Silver Sorceress have not been revealed in the Chronicles. However we can make several conjectures based on the parallel Avenger Scarlet Witch. Laura Neilsen was born a mutant with the ability to partially control a form of mystical “hex” energy. Her abilities were spotted by an anti-human movement and she briefly fought the Assemblers/Justifiers before reforming. The Sorceress joined the Assemblers/Justifiers and became Wandjina’s chief council and adviser. It was her compassion and patience that stayed the hand of their impulsive and emotive leader, yet it is unknown how far the relationship between Wandjina and the Sorceress went.

The Justice League first encountered the Sorceress and her teammates when both teams were attacked by corporations from the planet Can-Nam-Loo. Blue Jay was injured in a battle between the two teams, but he was healed by Zatanna. Peace was restored and both teams returned to their homeworlds. Sometime later a radical group of terrorists called the Extremists held Angor to ransom and unleashed a nuclear holocaust when the planet’s leaders refused to accede to their demands.

The Sorceress was among the handful of survivors and tried to use her Hex powers to heal the other survivors, but it was a futile battle. Even the speedster Harry Christos (possibly her brother) died from the radiation. She joined Wandjina in his crusade to rid other worlds of nuclear weapons. Their campaign eventually brought them to Earth and straight into a political confrontation between Russia and Bialya. There was a standoff at a nuclear power planet between the Angorian heroes and the Rocket Red Brigade that almost resulted in a nuclear melt down. Wandjina sacrificed his life to shut down the reactor.

The Sorceress and Blue Jay were taken into custody by the Russian authorities and were imprisoned at a metahuman research centre for almost a year. They managed to escape when a kindly researcher slipped them an antidote for the drugs that were inhibiting their powers. She returned to Angor while Jay sought political asylum from Justice League International (JLI). The Sorceress was shocked to discover that the Extremists had survived the holocaust and had set themselves up as rulers of Angor’s remains. Tracer smelled her return and they quickly overpowered her. Dreamslayer ripped the secret of dimensional travel from her mind and the villains crossed over to Earth.

The Sorceress was imprisoned in the Wacky World theme park which was under the stewardship of the bloated Carney. She was freed when Captain Atom and Justice League Europe were shunted to Angor by Dreamslayer. She was reunited with Blue Jay and together they discovered that the Extremists were android replicas of the original terrorists who had been created by Wacky World’s automated systems and could only be shut down by the park’s creator – Mitch Wacky. Fortunately Wacky was cryogenically preserved beneath the park and the Leaguers were able to convince him to travel to Earth to shut down his androids. During the confrontation the Sorceress impersonated the Crimson Fox so she could ambush Dreamslayer – the sole surviving member of the original Extremists.

The Sorceress, Jay and Mitch were the sole survivors of Angor and decided to stay on Earth. She and Jay accepted positions with the JLE and tried to acclimate to the new world and the new team — an effort made harder after the Paris embassy was destroyed during an accident involving Kilowog and a spanner. She briefly returned to Angor with the JLI when Mitch tried to travel back in time to stop the accident that created the first Extremists. Unfortunately Mitch only fulfilled a predestination paradox that revealed that he was ultimately responsible for the accident.

The attempted assignation of Maxwell Lord stunned the League and the JLI structure almost collapsed without his leadership. Dreamslayer used the confusion to possess Lord’s comatose body and to enslaved the inhabitants of the island of Kooey Kooey Kooey. The Sorceress was among a group of Leaguers dispatched to investigate Mitch’s disappearance and Dreamslayer’s reappearance. He forced the heroes to surrender when they saw he was willing to kill the entire island’s population.

Dreamslayer sent the controlled heroes back to the US to fight their teammates, but he had special plans for the the Sorceress. She was shot by one of the islanders darts and left to bleed to death. She used the last of her strength and her JLI communicator to create a spell to animate the Extremist robots and to send them against Dreamslayer. He was enraged and tried to attack the Sorceress on the psychic plane. She then used her dying thoughts to trap him in her mindscape where he would cease to exist when she died.

The Sorceress died alone on Kooey Kooey Kooey and was buried in a simple grave. She was honoured by Blue Jay and the assembled Leaguers and is remembered as one of the few Leaguers who have remained dead.

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