Seth Voelker

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 46
Karma 36
Resources Excellent
Popularity -3




Teleportation Cloak: Sidewinder can teleport by means of an electronic harness and cape controlled by a cybernetic system in his helmet. He can teleport up to 2 areas per round, and thus move past walls, opponents, and other hazards with ease. He can view the area he is teleporting to as he moves into it, allowing him to avoid solidifying inside a solid object. He can manipulate his harness so as to fall up to 10 stories without taking damage by repeatedly entering and leaving the real world. He can take any one or more person or object that he can cover with his cape.

Sidewinder can “cache” objects in the other dimension his teleportation carries him into, but he must note landmarks in that reality so as to be able to reobtain them. Sidewinder can also presumably teleport another human being without transferring himself. The individual would be shunted into the dimension and automatically shunted back out, but 2 areas away in the direction in which he was moving. If he or she were not moving, there would be no shift in position and the attack would be useless. Sidewinder can do this by making a Yellow Agility feat roll to throw the cape over an opponent.

Sidewinder recently had backup circuitry installed in his cape so that he can teleport without the helmet. Someone familiar with the triggering mechanisms can therefore use the cape, but without Sidewinder’s instructions the teleportation will occur in a random direction (although never above or below ground). When such a random teleport occurs, the distance travelled is 1-10 areas.

Sidewinder has developed one power stunt with his cloak: He can teleport so quickly that he receives a +5 to his Initiative when doing nothing but teleporting that round except draping his cloak around someone to take them with him.

Weapons: Sidewinder devised his “Side-Effects.” These are small glowing drones of Good material strength, released from a belt compartment, that can home in (with Excellent Agility) on an opponent, moving one area per round. Upon contact they do Excellent Energy damage. Sidewinder carries four of these, and can control two at a time through the cybernetic system in his helmet. They can be damaged normally, but are at -3CS to be hit due to their small size


Business/Finance, Leadership


Serpent Society, Diamondback, Kingpin, AIM, Hydra, Maggia


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