Herman Schultz

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 52
Karma 26
Resources Typical
Popularity -5




Body Armor: Shocker wears padded armor. This provides him with Good protect from physical attacks and Amazing against sonic and vibration attacks. A red FEAT is required for Shocker to be effected by any wrestling or ensnaring attack of Monstrous or less.
Vibro Smashers: Shocker wears a set of vibrating gloves that inflict Remarkable damage in grappling combat. Used together Amazing vibro-blast with a range of 3 areas against a single target. They can destroy material of Incredible or less material strength


Engineering, Safe Cracking




Herman Schultz has always been a burglar, and built his first vibro-shock unit (gauntlets with a compressed air mechanism creating a rapid succession of powerful air blasts) in prison in order to escape. He later added his odd uniform so as not to be harmed by the vibrational backlash, enhanced his vibro-shockers and dubbed himself the Shocker.

Schultz has led a somewhat mediocre criminal life, culminating with a failed attempt at blackmailing the entire city of New York, and being a part of Egghead’s version of the Masters of Evil. He has nearly always been thwarted by Spider-Man.

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