Fighting Remarkable
Agility Typical
Strength Excellent
Endurance Excellent
Reason Feeble
Intuition Poor
Psyche Poor

Health 76
Karma 10
Resources Unearthly
Popularity 40


Topological Change: Excellent ability to alter his basic outline. Power stunts include:
Shapechange: limited to basic shapes.
Elongation: Poor ability to elongate up to 12 feet.
Hammer attacks of Excellent damage by forming a fist, then shifting his weight to that fist.


Shape is not fully developed mentally, and has the outlook of a child. He became a villain to wreak vengeance on a society that mocked him. Once the Squadon used the Behavior Modification Machine on him, he became friends with children everywhere, especially Arcanna’s kids. This persisted even after he was deprogrammed.




Squadron Supreme, Quasar, Project Pegasus, & Blue Shield


Raleigh Lund is a mentally challenged superhuman who can shift almost all of his bodily mass from one area of his malleable form to another, altering his physical shape at will. A gentle, simple soul who apparently strayed into crime under the influence of others, the Shape was a member of the criminal Institute of Evil until the Squadron captured the Institute and “behavior modified” them into reforming and joining the Squadron. As a member of the Squadron, the Shape then participated in the implementation of the Squadron’s “Utopia Program”, an ambitious plan to cure all of America’s social ills. Renegade Squadron member Nighthawk opposed the Squadron’s “Utopia Program” since it overturned the democratic process and infringed on various civil liberties, so he organized a resistance group called the Redeemers. Intending to recruit Shape for the Redeemers, Nighthawk undid Shape’s behavior modification, but Shape had become genuinely fond of the Squadron and remained loyal to them. The Shape remains an active member of the Squadron today and was among the Squadron members recently stranded on “mainstream” Earth. His closest friends include teammate Arcanna Jones and her children, whom Shape often baby-sits.

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