Michael Twoyoungman

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Incredible

Health 50
Karma 110
Resources Excellent
Popularity 25



Magic: Master of Nature Magic Shaman will never use a power that may shape the mind of a person against his will. The following are magical abilities always available to him.

Alteration-Appearance: Shaman can change his own appearance, and if they are willing, the appearance of those around him with Remarkable ability. But he needs items from his pouch to do this.
Healing-Self: He can heal with Incredible ability. This sometimes requires an item from his mystical pouch.
Levitation/Flight: Shaman can levitate and fly at the same time. While this allows him a Remarkable power rank for Levitation, his magical Flight speed has only a Good ranking.
Sensing Evil: Shaman need not cast a spell because this inherent power will automatically warn of evil. This ability has a Remarkable area of effect.
All other Personal spells he may use are of an Excellent power rank.
Eldritch Beams/Bolts: Remarkable ability to cast forth mystical beams and bolts capable of Incredible damage.
Healing-Others: Shaman can heal others with Incredible ability. This sometimes requires an item from his mystical pouch.
Nature Control-All: Shaman has the ability to control all four basic elements and the Earth’s weather at Amazing rank. This magical ability is sometimes augmented by totems and spell components he pulls from his mystical pouch, for instance, powder to create a snowstorm. The exact relationship between his Nature Control power and his extradimensional pouch is unknown.
Plant Control: Shaman can control the growth and shape of plants, increasing their size one area per round. He cannot, however, make them grow more than ten areas. He uses this spell with Monstrous proficiency.
All other Universal spells he may use are of an Remarkable power rank.
The only known source of Dimensional energies used by Shaman is his mystical pouch.
Pan-Dimensional Blast: ( Monstrous ). Shaman can release energy from his pouch to negate any extradimensionally created spell or to send back any extradimensional creature to its home plane. He can teleport himself and others using magic powder from his pouch.
Time Travel: Shaman can use the Dimensional energies within his pouch to propel himself, and those he wishes to accompany him, back through time. When he travels he physically remains in the same location while time changes. Unlike most other time travelers, Shaman need not go to Limbo. The change in time only takes seconds.
Teleportation: ( Incredible ) Shaman’s teleportation is dependent upon components from his mystic pouch.
Spell of Silence: ( Automatic ) No FEAT roll required.
All other Miscellaneous spells he may use are of an Excellent power rank.

Magic Items

Grandfathers Skull: Shaman learned all he knows of mysticism from the spirit of his dead grandfather, who was a Sarcee medicine man before Shaman became one. The focal point for this spirit is his grandfather’s decorated skull, which acts as a partial dimensional aperture for the grandfather to contact Shaman from whatever dimension of the afterlife he now resides in.
Great Key: The Great Key is an intricate, golden, five foot long staff that can open the nexus between the Earth dimension and the Realm of the Beasts. The nexus is found in the northern Canadian crater called the Eye of the World. By means of this staff Shaman may also battle beings in the astral, spirit, or other planes, including out-of-phase and intangible beings. The staff has Monstrous material strength, and in Shaman’s hands inflicts Excellent damage, ignoring Body Armor. Little else is known of the key, possibly it acts as a Dimensional Aperture spell into other dimensions. It is usually kept in the Void dimension, which can be accessed through Shaman’s medicine pouch.
Eagle Crest: Shaman’s hat transforms into the shape of an eagle, which acts as a familiar. The spirit eagle may fly at Monstrous speeds, and enter the Astral Plane. Non-hostile spirits will not attack Shaman (as the result of a failed entreaty) as long as the eagle is present. The eagle’s stats are as those of a normal bird, but it cannot be slain.
Mystic Pouch: This small leather pouch hangs at the side of Shaman. It is a nexus to the Void, another dimension which Shaman uses as a source of energy to create magical components and mystical spells. When in need, Shaman simply reaches into the pouch for the appropriate charm or component he needs. He must make a successful Psyche FEAT roll for it to come to his hand. This check may be made every round until the item appears. It is his gateway to other realms and states of being. It somehow keeps them all contained, providing an orderly framework to a universe of tremendous chaos. A character (other than Shaman) reaching into the Medicine Pouch cannot free his arm. Looking into the pouch exposes the mind of the character to the Void, a sanity threatening dimension. A magic wielder reaching into a pouch opening into the Void has access to Dimensional Energy. For gaming purposes, the pouches come in a variety of styles and shapes and purposes, While S haman’s is tuned to the Nature school of magic, another could just as easily be tuned to another universal school, like the Faerie school, or a dimensional school, like Raggadorr or Hoggoth. All of this should be decided at the creation of the item or generation of the character using it.


Medicine, Occult, Indian Lore.


Alpha Flight, Beta Flight III, Gamma Flight III, Headbangers, Dr Strange


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