Amahl Farouk

Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Monstrous

Health 42
Karma 95
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -30


Astral Projection: The Shadow King has Class 3000 Astral Projection with a world-wide range, and is skilled in creating astral scenery to confuse those victims he meets on the astral plane. The Shadow King receives +1CS to Psyche when fighting on the Astral Plane.
Astral Detection: The Shadow King has Class 1000 Astral Detection.
Psi-Screen: Shift-X Rank.
Telepathy: The Shadow King possesses Monstrous rank Telepathy. He has mastered the following power stunts:
Monstrous Mental Bolts.
Monstrous Mental Probe.
Monstrous ability to leave his host body and possess another body. Unlike normal Possession, the Shadow King must gain a red power FEAT to succeed. If he fails, he may not try again for 1d10 days. If the attack succeeds, the effects are permanent and the subject may not spend Karma to influence his actions. The only way for a host to escape is if the Shadow King voluntarily decides to leave. As well as possessing live bodies, the Shadow King can possess a newly dead corpse. A possessed corpse has the same statistics it had before death, but will gradually deteriorate, losing 1 Endurance point per day (1d10 Endurance if the Shadow King is forced to use his powers extensively). Before Endurance reaches 0, the Shadow King must find a new host.
Monstrous ability to corrupt the psyches of other beings. This is resolved like the Possession power with the target receiving a Psyche FEAT to resist vs. the Intensity of the attack. Instead of totally dominating the victim, the Shadow King’s power taps the latent evil that lies inside all but the purest souls. The Shadow King does not directly control the minds of those he has corrupted. They retain a degree of free will, their old skills, and evil versions of their previous personalities, but they revel in wickedness. There is no limit to the number of beings the Shadow King can corrupt in this fashion.
Amazing ability to directly Mind Control a person he has corrupted.
Amazing ability to release the raw animal within individuals, turning them into ferocious “hounds” under his control. An attempt to create a hound is resisted by the individual’s Psyche vs. the Intensity of this Power Stunt. A hound has +1CS with Fighting and Agility, but -2CS with Psyche and Intuition, and Reason drops to 0.
Detection of other telepaths within Monstrous range as long as they are using their ability. If the telepath opens up his mind by using a mind amplifying device such as Cerebro, the detection range is increased by +2CS.
Nexus Creation: The Shadow King turned Lorna Dane (Polaris) into a psychic link between the real world and the astral plane. At that time, Polaris had been mutated into a catalyst for negative emotions. By coupling her power to his own, the Shadow King formed Lorna Dane into a psychic magnifier that increased all his powers by +1 CS. This also gave him Monstrous rank Emotion Control with Class 3000 range, the only limitation being that he could only use the power to spread hatred.


Shadow King can only maintain a material existence if he possesses other living or dead beings.


Espionage, Egyptian Law, Multi-lingual: English Arabic languages including Egyptian


KGB, Western intelligence agencies and in spy and criminal organizations of the Middle East and the third world


Amahl Farouk was the first evil mutant that Professor X battled, and indeed, was one of the reasons that led Professor X to form the X-Men. After his apparent demise on the astral plane (and thus, in life), Farouk survived as a spirit who inhabited the bodies of others. he renamed himself the Shadow King and fueled his power on the hate and rage of his victims. After years of feeding, he resurfaced and took control of mental control of the X-men. Professor X defeated him once more, but the price of his victory was costly: his legs had been crippled, again.

In a bid for power, the Shadow King tricked Psylocke into unleashing a psionic wave of such force upon the world that it temporarily crippled all the telepath’s and collapsed the Astral Plane. Psylocke, however, turned the tables and imprisoned the Shadow King there, sacrificing her telepathic abilities to do so.

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