Katherine ‘Kitty’ Pryde

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 86
Karma 70
Resources Good
Popularity 5


Phasing: Amazing ability with the following power stunts:
Pass through Force Fields on a power FEAT.
Walk on air as if solid ground
Disrupt electrical equipment. Sentient equipment may make an Endurance FEAT or be knocked out for 1-10 rounds and suffer loss of 40 health.
Render objects or people out of phase while maintaining contact.
Wielding out of phase objects that solidify when released and inflict material strength damage on the edged column.
Automatic phase out in danger. A red Psyche FEAT will keep her in normal state. When out of phase Kitty can only be harmed by multi-dimensional, psionic, magical or other out of phase attacks.
Astral Detection: Kitty can see others in astral forms.


Kitty is nearsighted, she must wear glasses or contacts to see


Electronics, Computer Hardware Design, Software Design, Resist Domination, Russian, Martial Arts -All, Ninja Training


X-Men, Excalibur, New Mutants, SHIELD, Gladiators


Kitty Pryde began suffering from terrible headaches at the age of 13 and a half, and strange things began happening to her. She would fall asleep in her bed upstairs, only to awake on the living room floor downstairs. Her mutant phasing ability was beginning to manifest, though she did not know it, a power which would allow her to walk through walls and walk on air. At the same time, her parents were trying to choose a new school for their genius daughter, Emma Frosts (The White Queen) Institution and Professor Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters being their top two choices. The White Queen wanted Kitty for her school, and also the X-Men out of the way, and so, proceeded to attack them as they were getting to know Kitty. Kitty escaped, and followed the White Queen after she carried off the subdued X-Men. Showing a great deal of spunk, and potential of her phasing power, which was just manifesting, freed them so that they could save themselves. She didn’t join the school right away however. It wasn’t until after the death of Phoenix and the departure of Cyclops that she came to be with the team.

As the neophyte X-Man “Sprite”, Kitty had much to learn, and learn she did as all the X-men do. The hard way. Her first couple of adventures were not so bad, and she was beginning to develop quite a relationship with Colossus when the team encountered an alien race called the Brood. This was Kitty’s first real brush with death as she and all the X-Men were implanted with Brood eggs which would hatch and kill their host. During this adventure, she met an alien creature, a small purple dragon who helped defend her. After the Brood had been dealt with and the team returned to earth, she found that the little dragon had followed her home, stowing away on the ship. She named him Lockheed and they became fast friends, and have remained so ever since. Shortly following that, she was kidnapped by the spirit of Wolverines former mentor, Ogun. Ogun possessed Kitty with the hopes of returning to mortality, and might have succeeded if not for Wolverines interference. Ogun taught her the deadly arts of being a ninja through his possession, talents which she still retains today. She and Wolverine grew very close, and developed a strong bond of friendship which still holds true today. She also had a strong friendship with Colossus’ younger sister, Illyana (Magik).

Time passed, and Kitty proved herself time and time again, both alone and with the team, going through several different names and costumes before finally deciding on “Shadowcat” and the blue costume she wore for so long. She and Colossus became estranged when he fell in love with an alien woman during the Secret Wars. She was 15 when her first serious injury occurred during the Mutant Massacre when she was hit by one of the Marauders magical spears. She phased and it passed through her, but it left her in an intangible state, permanently. After a time, it became evident that she was dissipating into nothingness, her very molecules drifting apart due to her inability to become solid again. Only through a truce and union of the scientific minds and efforts of Reed Richards and Dr. Doom was she able to become solid again. It took her some time to fully recover the use of her mutant ability, and while she was recovering on Muir Isle came the news that the X-Men were killed in Dallas during the Fall of the Mutants. With nowhere else to go and her “family” (the X-Men) dead, she joined with Nightcrawler, Captain Britain, Meggan and Phoenix (II) to form a new, Britain based team, called Excalibur.

She proved her mettle time and time again with the new team, going from one adventure to the next, until finally, the Soulsword, which had been possessed by her now dead friend Illyana (Magik) showed up on her doorstep. Kitty was the only one who could wield the weapon, and this came to the attention of Dr. Doom, who came calling to collect his price for saving her life over a year ago. Kitty refused to give it to him, and after a trip through Limbo, finally surrendered the sword to Nightcrawlers girlfriend, Amanda Sefton, who gave it into the care of her mother Margali Szardos, a powerful sorceress. Eventually, she became aware of the X-Mens continued existence, and was reunited with them briefly several times. She remains with Excalibur still, however, and recently found new love with a man named Pete Wisdom. Ironically, at the same time they were coming together, Colossus returned to Earth and joined up with the team. Kitty and Pete have now parted ways, but only time will tell if the spark between Kitty and Colossus will be rekindled.

With the disbandment of Excalibur, Kitty has returned home to original team, the X-Men, along with Colossus and Nightcrawler. Still a spunky teenage girl, she has been through much in the last three years of her life, but she keeps her spirits up and continues to fight to keep the world safe from harm.

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