Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 150
Karma 90
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 15

Invulnerability: Sersi has Class 1000 resistance to Heat, Cold, Energy, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins and Disease. She does not age and can still be affected by Stun, Slam and Kill results. Sersi is only affected by a Kill result that would scatter her atoms over a wide area of space.
Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Monstrous ability to manipulate cosmic energies. Sersi has developed the following abilities:

Metabolism Boost: She does not tire from physical exertion.
Energy Beams: Monstrous

Psionic Abilities:

Illusion Generation: Unearthly illusions
Levitation: Shift-X
Matter Transmutation: Unearthly
Mind Control: Excellent
Telekinesis: Incredible
Force Field: Remarkable
Telepathy: Excellent

True Flight: Sersi can attain Shift-X air speed.
Teleportation: Shift-Z, but a red Psyche FEAT is required. If successful she arrives at the desired location but she must make a red Endurance FEAT or be paralyzed for 1-10 rounds.


Dancing, Fashion, Wrestling, Martial Arts A,C,E, Multi-lingual


Eternals, Ikaris, Avengers


Sersi is a third or fourth generation of the Eternals, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race. Sersi is the daughter of the Eternals Helios and Perse, and was probably born some time after the Great Cataclysm that destroyed the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, during a an extended ice age known as the Hyborean Age.

At a young age, Sersi differed from her fellow Eternals in her desire to live amongst humans. It was during her time in ancient Mesopotamia that Sersi first met Captain America, who had travelled back in time. While Sersi still had the appearance of a child at this time, she was already thousands of years old.

A few thousand years later, Sersi was based in ancient Greece, where she met the poet, Homer. Homer would later write one of the earliest works in Western literature, The Odyssey. The character Circe, who lived on an island in the Aegean called Aeaea, and turned the hero, Ulysses, and his men into pigs, was based on Sersi.

Unlike the majority of her fellow Eternals, who stay in their hidden cities, Sersi revels in her humanity, and has lived amongst humans more than any other Eternal, save the Forgotten One. Thus, it is no surprise to find that Sersi has lived in various places of historical importance, from Nero’s Rome, to Camelot, the Court of the legendary King Arthur, where she helped Merlin the magician to defeat an impostor who had usurped his position.

In more recent times, Sersi was one of the Eternals anthropologist Dr Samuel Holden introduced to the world at large at New York’s City College. Sersi became fascinated with the quiet spoken Doctor, and began a relationship with him. Although she gives the impression that she would rather be at a party, Sersi has proven to be a staunch ally to the Eternals in their recent struggles with the Deviants.

Sersi does value her independence however, and often refuses to come to the Eternals gatherings, preferring to party! It was during an instance such as this that Domo of the Eternals sent the Delphan Brothers to bring her to Olympia so that all the Eternals could form the Uni-Mind in order to debate their future. Sersi had decided not to attend as she would continue doing what she wanted regardless of the outcome anyway.

Unbeknownst to the Delphan Brothers, two of Sersi’s party guests were actually members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes; The Avengers known as the Wasp and Starfox (They had actually crashed the party, much to Sersi’s delight). They came to Olympia as well, where it was revealed that Starfox was actually the son of A’lars, brother to Zuras. While the majority of Eternals decided to leave Earth for space, Sersi was one who choose to remain.

Some time later, the Avenger Captain America had need of someone with illusion casting or shape changing abilities regarding a case he was working on. He found Sersi’s address on the Avenger’s database, and considered it worthwhile asking her for help. Sersi was more than happy to aid Cap, (she quite fancied him, and was constantly flirting with him, much to his embarrassment), although she told him it would require a favour from him in return, (an invitation to dinner as it turned out).

Sersi also aided the Avengers in their struggle against the Deviants and the Elder God Set. When her fellow Eternal, Gilgamesh, was injured while serving as an Avenger, the Avengers came to Sersi for help.

Due to her previous assistance, Avengers Chairman Captain America decided to ask Sersi to join the Avengers. Perhaps based on her attraction to Cap, or due to the fact that she discovered that she enjoyed heroics more than she let on, Sersi accepted Cap’s proposal, and became one of Earth’s mightiest.

Sersi proved to be a powerful addition to the Avengers roster, although her harmless flirtation still managed to embarrass Captain America. Sersi served with the team for quite a long time. Then, during an attack on the Earth by the Brethren, Sersi formed a Uni-Mind with the Brethren leader, Thane Ector. Such a union, between two different species, is forbidden by the Eternals, as it may lead to the breakdown of the Eternals mental disciplines.

Some months after this, Sersi became more aggressive, and was one of the Avengers involved in the attempted murder of the Kree Leader, the Supreme Intelligence, during the Avengers involvement in the Kree-Shi’ar War.

This aggressiveness may have been due to the Uni-Mind Sersi shared with the Brethren, or, it may also have been due to the machinations of Proctor, a man from an alternate reality who had been spurned by the Sersi from his world, and had created the Gatherers, and was planning to kill all the Sersi’s across the multiverse.

During this time, Sersi began a relationship with fellow Avenger, the Black Knight. Unbeknownst to both of them, however, was the fact that Proctor was actually an alternate reality version of the Black Knight himself.

Sersi’s now aggressive nature caused tensions between herself and her teammates. These tensions weren’t helped by the fact that the newest Avenger, Crystal, had come between Sersi and the Black Knight. These tensions came to a tumultuous climax when the Avengers travelled to the planet Polemachus, at the behest of it’s leaders Arkon and Thundra. When the priest Anskar cowardly murdered the young Polemachan girl, Astra, Sersi slew him in fiery retribution.

Returning to Earth, Sersi fled to Warrior Falls, Wakanda, in a futile attempt to try and escape the guilt she felt at her responsibility for Anskar’s death, and the fear she felt due to her rash actions. The Black Knight found her, however, and convinced her to return to Avengers Headquarters. Sersi confessed to the Black Knight that she feared she was going insane. Little did either of them realize that Sersi’s apparent instability was due to the subtle manipulations of Proctor.

Upon her return to Avengers Headquarters, Proctor used his powers to cause her to attack her fellow Avengers. She was only stopped by the intervention of the Vision, who was actually the Anti-Vision, a member of Proctor’s own team of Gatherers who had infiltrated the Avengers in the guise of their teammate.

By this time, Sersi’s fellow Eternals had become aware of her unstable nature, and had sent three of their kind, Ikaris, Arex and Sprite, to New York in order to return her to Olympia.

The Eternals feared Sersi was suffering from what they call the Mahd W’yry, a mental breakdown of the mind due to the Eternals extended lives. Sersi rejected their archaic fears, and refused to accompany them back to her homeland, the Avengers were also loath to let them take her against her will, especially when they learnt that if she was found to be suffering from the Mahd W’yry the Eternals planned to ‘cleanse’ her of it by molecular discorporation, in other words, death!

A fight between the Eternals and the Avengers erupted, and was only contained when Sprite, who had learned of Sersi’s feelings for the Black Knight, insisted that he be made her Gann Josin, a word the Eternals use to describe an intimate joining of two minds as soulmates, in their own personal Uni-Mind.

Before this could be further discussed however, Ikaris used his powers to cause it to happen, and the Eternals departed.

The Black Knight was less than enthusiastic at being used in this manner however, for he had come to the conclusion that it was Crystal he loved, not Sersi.

The Avengers, by their very nature, had little time to reflect on these matters before they were once again involved in other affairs, first with the assault on Proctor’s Andean citadel, then against the Kree suicide squad, then in the Genoshian conflict, where Sersi fought Exodus, and even venturing to Lemuria, in a battle against Ghaur.

Relations between the various teammates continued to deteriorate though, and Sersi remained in an unstable state. The Avengers called on former member Hank Pym to try and find out the cause of her problems. At one point, Sersi confided in Avengers butler Jarvis that she had been having dreams of a sort about a strange man dressed in black who was assaulting young men she had befriended. Jarvis probed her further, in an effort to have her talk about her fears, and she used her powers to pull the image of Proctor from her mind. Neither Jarvis nor Sersi had ever seen Proctor however, and both failed to recognize him.

Proctor was infact causing Sersi to befriend young men who he would then murder. He then contacted the NYPD and, on the pretence of being a concerned citizen, aided them in framing Sersi for the murders. Sersi was astounded at this new calamity in her life, and was astonished to find that members of the Avengers, her supposed friends, actually believed her capable of the crimes.

This was all part of Proctor’s plan however, and he intended to have Sersi destroy the Avengers, her only real hope of salvation. When the police attempted to arrest her, Sersi destroyed Avengers mansion, and fled to Brooklyn Bridge in her maddened state, using the Gann Josin mind meld to call the Black Knight to her side, the two of them prepared to fight their fellow Avengers with all their power. When Sersi threatened Crystal however, the Black Knight faltered, and broke the Gann Josin bond, freeing himself from Sersi’s control. Shocked by his betrayal, Sersi destroyed the Brooklyn Bridge, and seemingly the Avengers with it.

Confused, bewildered, and shocked at the person she had become, she was finally approached by Proctor, who revealed to her at last the full extent of his mad plan. Capturing her, Proctor returned to his New York base of operations, and revealed that it was he who was behind her madness and seizures, and it was he who was responsible for the murders of the young men. With her full memory of events returned to her once more, Sersi broke free from his control long enough to stumble upon Proctor’s trophy room, where Ute, the defeated Watcher Proctor used to traverse the multiverse, lay in stasis, as well as the various Sersi’s of other worlds Proctor had already defeated. In her confused state, the Gatherer Rik was able to contain her once again.

The Avengers meanwhile, didn’t perish in the destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge, but were rescued by the Eternals Thena and Sprite. Based on the description Jarvis gave to them of the man in Sersi’s dream, the Avengers had reached the conclusion that he was responsible for her actions, when they were approached by the astral form of Ute, who warned them that Proctor must be defeated, or all that is would cease to be. The Black Knight meanwhile, had reached the conclusion that he and Proctor were one and the same, albeit from differing realities.

Proctor meanwhile, had begun his final gambit, and was using the life energies of Sersi and Ute to collapse the various realities on one another.

The Avengers and their allies, Thena and Sprite, rushed to the scene, only to be confronted by the Gatherers. While his fellow Avengers fought the various Gatherers, the Black Knight approached Proctor himself, only to be defeated by the Ebony Blade from Proctor’s own world! Sersi and the Watcher looked on helplessly from the vortex that contained them as Proctor began to ‘gather’ the Black Knight’s essence into himself.

Proctor would have succeeded in ‘gathering’ the Black Knight, were it not for the timely intervention of Quicksilver, Crystal’s estranged husband. Quicksilver was still suffering from injuries sustained in Genoshia though, and Proctor would have defeated him were it not for the combined powers of Crystal and Thunderstrike, who caused a terrific bolt of lightning to strike Proctor. This in turned freed Sersi and the dying Watcher.

Approaching Proctor, Sersi used his own sword to end his madness, once and for all. With his dying breaths meanwhile, Ute used his powers to undo the damage that had been done to Avengers mansion, the Brooklyn Bridge, and various other locations, as well as opening a dimensional rift to another reality. Sersi, fearing that the manipulations of Proctor were irreversible, decided to enter this door between worlds, so that she may be able to live free of his madness, of his curse.

The Black Knight, with his own mind clear for the first time in months, decided to join Sersi in her exile, in part because he felt in some way responsible for the suffering Sersi had endured, as well as because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to remain in the Avengers if it would mean him coming between Quicksilver’s attempts to reconcile with Crystal.

Thus the two Avengers entered the dimensional rift, never to see their colleagues again…or so they thought.

The two of them were actually headed for the Ultraverse, a world similar to their own, but also with vast differences. Becoming separated in the dimensional rift, Sersi ended up in Equatorial Africa, while the Black Knight found himself in Miami. If Sersi thought she would be free from disaster in this new world, she was mistaken. Almost straight away, she was possessed by the spirit of one of the Infinity Gems, fabled jewels of power that had once been the embodiment of the being known as Infinity.

The Gem that possessed Sersi had been separated from it’s fellow Gems for untold millennia, and now intended to use Sersi to be reunited with them once more, for the six other Gems had also been transported to the Ultraverse, along with Loki, the Norse God of lies. Sersi’s will proved too strong for the Gem though, and her bond with the Black Knight caused her to seek him out. The Gem, realizing that she would fight it, gave her one day to make peace with her past.

The Black Knight meanwhile, had taken up with the superteam Ultraforce, the mightiest heroes of the Ultraverse. Learning of Loki’s control of the Infinity Gems, he attempted to contact the Avengers, but was foiled when Sersi showed up. The Seventh Gem, realizing that it could use Ultraforce to reunite with it’s ‘brothers’, forced Sersi to send them after the six other Gems. The Black Knight and Ultraforce failed to wrest the Gems from Loki’s control, however, and with her last act of free will before the Seventh Gem took control of her completely, Sersi returned them to their base.

Now totally under the Seventh Gems control once more, Sersi became aware of the Grandmaster’s presence in the Ultraverse. This Elder of the Universe had once controlled the Mind Gem, and had journeyed to the Ultraverse in an attempt to regain it once more. Realizing that it could use the Grandmaster in order to get close to Loki, and thus the other six Gems, the Seventh Gem forced the Grandmaster to do it’s bidding as well.

The Grandmaster approached Loki, and proposed a game. if he won, the Grandmaster would be given the Mind Gem. If Loki won, he would be told the location of the Seventh Gem. At first, Loki tried to gain the location using the Gems he already possessed. The Grandmaster was immune to their power though, protected as he was by the Seventh Gem. Thus Loki eventually accepted his challenge.

The game was called Worlds and Warriors, a simplified version of an Earth card game. Instead of cards, however, actual heroes would be used. The Grandmaster choose the Avengers, while Loki was given Ultraforce. Due to his membership of both teams, the Black Knight was made the ‘wild card.’

Members of each team were pitted against members of the other. The Avengers, for their part, were told it was in order to stop Loki, and to save the Black Knight, while Ultraforce were told that the Avengers were part of an invading force.

The various battles ended in stalemates however, and Loki, claiming that he had only played not to lose, claimed victory. The Grandmaster, still in the thrall of the Seventh Gem, revealed Sersi to Loki. She would never have been able to get close to him were it not for the diversion. Launching herself at him, she was able to separate him from the Gems before he could act. Free at last to reunite with it’s brothers, the Seventh Gem released Sersi from it’s power. Reuniting with the six other Gems, they were rendered entirely sentient, anthromorphing into something calling itself Nemesis.

Nemesis proclaimed a desire to create, and, joining elements from both the Avengers and Ultaforce’s worlds, created a strange amalgam universe. There were too many conflicting elements though, and when Topaz made physical contact with Loki, elements from two wildly different continua, the structure snapped.

In her panic, Nemesis teleported to the Ultra’s Earth, and intended to continue creating there, even if it meant the destruction of the world that was there already. The six other Gems were resisting her though, for the being called Nemesis lacked the controlling influence that was needed to unite them.

The Avengers and Ultraforce joined forces to stop her. Creating a diversion, they attacked her enmass, allowing the Black Knight to get close enough to separate the Gems once more.

In the resulting explosion, the Avengers were returned to their Earth, while Ultraforce, Sersi and the Black Knight returned to the Ultraverse.

In time however, the two Avengers found a way to return to their Earth, but not before travelling back in time to the era of the Crusades, where they fought the man who would become Exodus.

On their return to their correct time line, they two were separated once more. The Black Knight found himself in New York, but finding the Avengers dead in the wake of Onslaught, he joined the Heroes for Hire.

Sersi found herself in Lemuria, and learning of yet another plot by Ghaur escaped to get aid. Also finding the Avengers dead, she turned to the Heroes for Hire.

Foiling Ghaur’s plot, Sersi and the Black Knight decided that after all they had been through, they both needed some time apart.

Sersi returned to Olympia, and, apart from aiding the Avengers in their battle against Mogana Le Fey, remained there until recently, when she joined the New Breed, a group of Eternals posing as a human super team, in order to control the Deviants, who have become mindless monsters.

Her ties to the Black Knight, and indeed the Avengers, remain strong however, and she may team up with them again in the future.

Sersi’s background information from Sersi’s Loft

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