Sentinels Prime Sentinel

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 210
Karma 50
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity Not Applicable


Bionic Enhancements: Unlike the other Sentinels, a Prime Sentinel is human enhanced by robotics, gaining the following abilities from their mechanical parts:
Immunity to Poison, Disease and Gas
Self-Sustenance: Prime Sentinels do not need to breathe.
Body Armor: Incredible protection from physical and energy damage
Regeneration: Prime sentinels has a self-repair ability enabling them to regain 10 Health per round. If the Prime Sentinel’s health falls below 10%, this power fails to operate.
Energy Beams: A Prime sentinel can fire individual blasts of energy of Amazing intensity. The can also spread from their fingers to cover an 1 area with energy for Incredible damage.
Shape-Change: A Prime Sential is able to transform eaily between it’s human and mechanical form. It takes 1 round for the transformation to be complete.
Mutant Detection: The Prime Sentinels have an Incredbile ranked ability to scan all living beings within 10 areas and determine if they are human or mutant.
Flight: A Prime Sentinel is able to fly attaining a maximum of Excellent airspeed
Invulnerability to Psionic Attacks: Prime Sentinels has Class 1000 resistance to attacks that directly affect the mind. It is possible for a telepath to contact the human consciousness hoever this requires an Unearthly Intuition FEAT check. Addtionally if the telepath gains control of the human consciousness an Unearthly Intuition FEAT is required every round to maintain control.




Bastion, Operation: Zero Tolerance


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