Sentinel Master Mold

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Poor

Health 225
Karma 44
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0


Robotic Construction: As a robot, Master Mold is immune to poison, disease, gas and mental attacks. Master Mold can survive in outer space and underwater indefinitely. Master Mold is about thirty feet tall (+2 CS to hit).
Mutant Detection: Master Mold has the Unearthly ability to sense individuals with mutant DNA structures.
Flight: Master Mold can fly at Excellent speeds.
Body Armor: Master Mold is made of a Remarkable alloy which provides him with Excellent protection against physical and energy attacks.
Energy Beam: Can fire a variety of energy beams (Plasma, Electron, Heat etc…) from chest capable of inflicting Amazing damage
Stun Ray: Remarkable
Disintegrator Beam: 2 areas, in 1 round can disintegrate one cubic yard of Remarkable strength inorganic matter
Gas Jets: In hands, capable of Remarkable gas generation.
Nemisis: Can adapt to defend against any attack up to Unearthly rank. Requires one round to study power to come up with defense.
Hunter missile: These weapons can fly at Amazing speeds. They are constructed of an Excellent alloy and have Incredible control. When attacking, they seek out a target with their Remarkable tracking arrays and engage it with Amazing energy beams.
Ultra-High Frequency Beacon Probe: Capable of flight at Amazing speeds, this weapon can induce Amazing intensity sleep with a 2 area range.
Mind Control: Master Mold has the Amazing ability to dominate the mind of another individual.
Self-Repair: Master Mold’s internal systems are able to repair themselves, giving him Amazing regeneration.
Brain Module: The Master Mold’s major memory circuits are in a small module made of Unearthly strength material. This brain module is able to regenerate a new body from nearby metal with Monstrous ability. The brain module can also cause Incredible energy damage to anyone touching it.
Servitors: The Master Mold has created hordes of an artificial lifeforms to serve him. They have the following characteristics:
Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Poor
Intuition Poor
Psyche Poor

Health 36
Karma 12
Body Armor: They have Good protection from physical and energy damage.
Flight: They often use jet packs which give them Typical Flight.
Weapons: They wield special guns which can fire Good energy blasts and have a 2 area range.
Conscience: Master Mold has programmed a special humanoid Sentinel with Steven Lang’s brain engrams, calling it his Conscience. This machine has the following attributes:
Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Poor

Health 155
Karma 44
Body Armor: The Conscience has a Robotic Form which gives it Excellent armor
Flight: They often use jet packs which give them Typical Flight.
Weapons: It incorporates projectors capable of firing Incredible Energy or Force beams


Mobile Flying Base: Master Mold’s flying headquarters has Excellent Control, a Shift-Z body, and can attain Monstrous Speeds. It provides its occupants with Amazing protecting and radiates Remarkable intensity light.


Electronics, Robotics, Repair/Tinkering




After Larry Trask was killed, the ownership of the Sentinels officially fell to the United States government. A Dr. Steven Lang was put in charge of a
special federal investigation of mutants and their powers. Unknown to the government, Lang was a fanatical mutant hater who planned to start his own crusade against mutants.

Lang got a hold of Trask’s notes on how to create Sentinels. He contacted the Inner Council of the Hell fire Club and convinced them to fund his creation of a new group of Sentinels and an orbiting space station.

They had no idea that Lang planned to kill every mutant he captured. The Sentinels and the space station were destroyed in a battle between the X-Men and the Sentinels. During the battle, Lang was turned into a “mindless vegetable”, but his brain engrams had been imprinted into the computer brain of the Master Mold. The Master Mold was a special 30-foot tall Sentinel that Lang had programmed to destroy the twelve most powerful mutants in the world.

When Lang’s space station was destroyed during the battle with the X-Men, the Master Mold somehow survived. The Master Mold built a new base within an asteroid near the Earth. The Master Mold went to Earth and captured the Angel and Iceman. The Hulk was drawn into the battle, and Master Mold accidentally took the Hulk to his base with the others. The Hulk and the others were able to escape from their prison tubes and the Hulk then proceeded to rip the Master Mold apart. The Hulk and the two mutants escaped back to Earth, before Master Mold blew the space station up.

The brain module ended up under the ocean, off the coast of Alaska. It re-built itself from sunken ships in time to sense the presence of Scott Summers (Cyclops), one of the Twelve. Scott was in Anchorage trying to find his missing wife and child, when the Master Mold attacked. Cyclops tricked it into firing its energy beams while between some large gas storage tanks. The resulting explosion destroyed its body, but the brain module survived.

The Master Mold next appeared near Muir Island, and somehow gained mental control of Moria Mac Taggert. Master Mold forced her to create the Retribution Virus, a virus that killed anyone with mutant abilities, after taking their mutant abilities away. Sensing that something was wrong, Banshee sent for Scott Summers, who soon arrived at Muir Is land. The Master Mold tried to secretly kill Summers twice, but both attempts failed.

The Master Mold then captured Banshee and a little girl with mutant abilities. Both had been infected by MacTaggert’s virus and were dying. Cyclops tried to stop the Master Mold’s servitors from taking them, but he was defeated. Cyclops was able to free Moria MacTaggert from Master Mold’s mental domination over her.

Moria tried to create a cure to the virus in her labs, but Muir Island was invaded before she could. The invasion force of the Master Mold’s servitors was led by Master Mold’s special servant, Conscience. The invasion force easily beat Cyclops and Callisto, Mactaggert’s mutant body guard. This was because they had been infected by the deadly virus too.

Conscience took Cyclops, Callisto and Moria to the Master Mold’s secret base. Conscience revealed that he was a special Sentinel that Master Mold had programmed with Lang’s brain engrams. For some reason, Conscience was able to actually display emotions and seems to enjoy them.

Suddenly, the Master Mold and Conscience found out that the Retribution Virus had mutated. The virus now affected normal humans and killed them. Master Mold still insisted that the Virus be released. Master Mold figured that all mutants would be killed, and a small number of normal humans would survive. Master Mold planned to watch over the survivors and make sure that no mutants were born. The emotional Conscience argued that it would not be right to release the Virus spores and kill almost all of the normal humans just to kill all the mutants.

Conscience apparently destroyed himself and Master Mold to prevent the release of the virus; whether or not either of them is truly destroyed remains to be seen

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