Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Amazing

Health 110
Karma 110
Resources Amazing
Popularity -10


Psychic Vampirism: Every use of Selene’s powers (at Excellent level or over) require her to make an Endurance FEAT roll. Failure indicates a loss of 10 Health. Once below 20 Health, she begins to age rapidly. Her Health can only be regained by stealing it from others. She steals Psyche by touch, at Unearthly ability; she will then regain as many Health points as her prey has Psyche. By depriving a victim of his life force, she places him under her control, at Monstrous level of effectiveness (this requires 2 rounds of concentration). The victim loses as many Health points as he had Psyche points. If his Health points are depleted as a result, the victim dies and their body disintegrates. If the victim’s Psyche is depleted but he remains alive, then he retains his free will, but becomes a psychic vampire like Selene (though not subject to her will).
Psi Screen: Selene possesses a psychic shield that is always up and acts as Amazing protection from psionic attacks. She cannot use her Psi Screens at the same time as her telepathy, force bolts, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis powers.
Psychic Body Armor: Selene’s psychic vampirism has affected her body, giving her the equivbalent of Good body armor against physical attacks. It also prevents others from absorbing her power.
Telekinesis: Selene has Unearthly control over inanimate matter, and is able to manipulate it with Monstrous ability. She can disintegrate inanimate items of up to Monstrous Material Strength that are in the same area with a Psyche FEAT roll.
Pyrokinesis: Selene has Unearthly control over fire, and is able to extinguish it or increase it (up to Amazing damage) with a successful Psyche FEAT roll.
Telepathy: Selene can read the thoughts of others and contact sentient minds at a range of 100 miles (250 miles if she makes an Endurance FEAT roll). She can also fire telepathic bolts (10 area range, Incredible damage).
Momentary Hypnotic Trance: Selene can induce a momentary hypnotic trance in berings in the same area by making a Psyche FEAT roll. This trance lasts 1 round and she cannot perform itr more than once every ten rounds. She usually uses this ability with her Momentary Speed power to make it appear as if she vanished.
Momentary Speed: Selene can move at Shift-Y ground speed in a single round, and only for one round. She cannot perform this burst of speed more than once every 10 rounds.

Selene is an ancient sorceress of Master level, but rarely uses her magic because it drains her Health. She has Monstrous control over illusions, influencing or controlling others, and summoning low level demons.


Selene can speak Latin as fluently as English, and is believed to know about a dozen other languages, learned through centuries of experience, Leadership, Martial Arts A, Mythology, Occult, Shields, Swords, Whips.


Hellfire Club


Selene’s origin is yet unrevealed, but she is known to have lived for several millennia, and to have been a foe of the sorcerer Kulan Gath. In past ages she was renowned as a sorceress whose power was feared and respected by practitioners of black and white magic. She eventually came to live in the ancient Roman Republic. For unknown reasons, she accompanied the large number of Roman citizens who fled Rome in the First Century B.C. and sailed to the New World, where they founded Nova Roma (“New Rome”) in a hidden section of the Amazon jungle in what is now Brazil. The founders of Nova Roma fled Rome because they foresaw that its republican government would be replaced by an imperial one. For reasons that remain unknown. Selene found herself unable to leave Nova Roma, and remained there for roughly two thousand years. Nova Roma she led the dreaded Cult of Fire as its Black Priestess.

In recent years Selene married Marcus Domitius Gallio, a senator of Nova Roma who plotted to abolish its republican government. The intervention of the New Mutants both thwarted Senator Gallio’s schemes and led to Selene’s apparent destruction. However, Selene not only survived, but somehow found herself able to leave Nova Roma.

Selene soon after left Nova Roma to expand her influence on the world. She soon met up with Rachel Summers and offered her to become her heir, Rachel (furious at Selene for killing her only friend) attacked Selene but Rachel proved to be no match and was nearly killed in the battle until the X-men saved her. Afterwords Selene and her new protege Fred Von Roelm went to New York and met up with Sebastian Shaw, She told Shaw she wished to become Black Queen but Shaw refused which lead to a fight between them which ended in Shaw almost being killed.

She then became Black Queen and her Protege became Black Rook, but soon after Rachel Summers became Phoenix and wanted revenge on Selene, Rachel sneaked into the club and started a fight with Selene which Selene could not win, Rachel meant to kill her but Wolverine got in the way and stabbed Rachel through the heart almost killing her.

This fight brought about a war between the inner circle and the X-men but it was interrupted by Nimrod the Sentinel, Nimrod easily defeated Sebastian Shaw sending him almost into orbit, Selene used her powers but Nimrod was unaffected.

Nimrod Killed the Black Rook and eventually killed Harry Leland the Black Bishop but before Harry died he used his powers to bring Sebastian back from orbit and come down to Earth like a meteor which landing on Nimrod destroying the sentinal. Nimrod was in pieces but he was still alive and teleported to safety. Selene and Sebastian afraid that Nimrod would come back they bought Magneto to the group for protection. Magneto became White King.

But Soon after there was much trouble in the club, Sebastian and Magneto did not get along and soon after Magneto became White King he demanded that Shaw step down as Black King, Shaw ofcourse refused and a fight broke out which ended up with Shaw being kicked out of the club and Magneto becoming Grey King.

Unlike Emma who looked up to Magneto, Selene did not like him being in charge and got the Shadow King to kick Magneto out and Selene was left incharge with Emma as the White Queen. Selene then started a club called the Upstarts, a group of mutants who kill other mutants to get points and rank up in this new club. Shinobi Shaw killed his own father to get a high rank in Selene’s Club but thats not all Trevor Fitroy killed the Hellions and put Emma Frost in a coma to become even higher then Shinobi. Fabien Cortez a lower member of the group went undercover as Magneto’s loyal servent but eventually tried killing magneto for points in the club. But Something happened that Selene did not expect, Trevor Fitzroy turned his sights on her and trapped her in a machine and watched her molecules be pulled apart and put back together in a slow torture for Selene.

Selene was trapped, with no way out until freed by Amanda Sefton. Soon After Selene murdered the externals because she believed she needed more power just incase Onslaught would try to fight her.Selene’s powers were increased dramactically but know one knows or has seen the limit of her powers. Selene soon after wanted to regroup the inner circle because of Bastion and his Operation Zero Tolerance law after Onslaught. Selene went to Madelyne Pryor and took her under her wings, Madelyne became her protege. Selene was very confident in Madelyne since she was the one who started the Inferno saga. Selene sent Madelyne on her first test where she had to find and defeat Trevor Fitzroy so she did ,the powerless Madelyne defeated Fitzroy by unknowingly tapping into her own powers. Selene put Trevor under her control.

Selene soon after met up with Sebastian Shaw and told him of regrouping the Inner Cicle because of Bastion and Sebastian agreed but he did not make Selene Black Queen. Selene introduced Madelyne to Shaw and Shaw believed that she was not worthy of being a member but his loyal servent Tessa told him that she was the one who caused the inferno act a few years back and he agreed to let her in.

But Selene’s loyal Rook Madelyne did not turn out to be who she was ,she soon after becoming Black Rook seduced Sebastian and Madelyne was made Black Queen. Selene was furious but Madelyne eventually left as Black Queen and went back to her first love Nate Grey (X-man). After Madelyne left Selene joined forces with BlackHeart and kicked shaw out of the club. Tessa soon after went and joined the x-men, Fitzroy left and went back to the future. As for Selene she made Blackheart the new Black King and recruited Sunspot as the new Black Rook. Selene has been Black Queen ever since.

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