Subject 2TDll (Suzie)

Fighting Poor
Agility Typical
Strength Poor
Endurance Typical
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Excellent

Health 20
Karma 36
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0


Air Animation: Incredible ability. Secret may generate Incredible intensity fog with this power.
Body Transformation-Gas: The Secret’s body is composed entirely of an unknown misty substance. This provides several unique abilities:
Immune to all physical or energy attacks
Sneak out of any size crack
Change shape at will
Can assume a solid body for 1-10 turns
Flight: Suizie’s misty body enables her to fly with Remarkable speeds.
Dimension Travel: Secret has Remarkable ability to travel to the Abyss only.
Smoke jump: Secret may teleport small distances by traversing the Abyss
Can teleport objects into the abyss with Excellent ability.


Secret has a phobia against electricity.


Acrobatics, Escape Artist


Young Justice


The girl who would one day become Secret was killed by her brother by electrocution. Somehow her death resulted in more of a transformation than an ending. She became a smoke creature and came into the possession of the D.E.O. The Governmental agency called the Department of Extranormal Operations sent her to the Wabe, a holding facility that housed numerous youths with superhuman and metahuman abilities. During transportation, which most likely would have resulted in her termination, the girl escaped. The young heroes Superboy, Robin, and Impulse united to track her down and when they found and captured her she told them her story, what she knew of her past. The trio let her free and told the authorities and their mentors a fabricated story, making the girl become the boys Secret.

Initially Secret followed the boys around in their lives and sought out other young heroes as well. She met up with the second Red Tornado, the android John Smith, and they got to talking to one another. She met up with the boys, as well as Arrowette and Wonder Girl, in a conflict with the metahuman teenager called Harm. He attacked Arrowette and was defeated by the youths when they worked together as a group. This caused them to join together as an official group and gave Secret a home. She exhibited powerful abilities when she defeated Despero using some kind of teleportation ability that required a pit stop in an abysmal, hell-like plane of existence. She was given the name Suzie by Arrowette and soon learned of her common history with Harm. He was Suzie’s brother and the cause of her death. After his resurrection it was Suzie who defeated him. Somehow she was tied to death itself, though her exact nature remained a mystery. Now, with her smoke-jump teleporting abilities, metamorphic abilities and strength of heart she became an asset to the team. Due to her choppy memory and shrouded history the Young Justice team became Suzie’s only family.

During a conflict with villains that caused a de-aging epidemic among the active hero population Suzie became an adult version of herself. In the event, dubbed “Sins of Youth,” Suzie became competent and comfortable with herself, much more so than she ever had been as a teenager. With her newfound confidence and ability she was reluctant to return to her proper and natural age, but agreed to do so because of a promise Robin had made to her about being there for her. Not before being told by Darkseid that she was promising and full of potential, and being encouraged to embrace her dark powers, she attacked Robin’s girlfriend Spoiler. Caused by a jealous outburst she began to threaten Spoiler’s life and was talked down by Robin. Regardless of the heroism she had exhibited in the past, her dark streak had become quite visible.

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