Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Good

Health 52
Karma 46
Resources Excellent
Popularity -5




Scourge’s Gun: Scourge uses a customized 0.50 caliber submachinegun. It fires an armor-piercing explosive bullet that reduces the target’s body armor (or vehicle protection) by -2 CS and causes Excellent damage. The gun holds 20 rounds of ammunition and can fire a 5-shot burst that does Remarkable damage. Scourge’s gun has a range of 5 areas and is made of Excellent strength material.
Scourge’s Van: Scourge drives a van which contains spare weapons, ammo, costumes and disguises, a computerized crime-file, and a two-way TV. The van has the following:









Weapon Specialist: Gun, Criminology, Disguise, Marksman


Scourge’s main contact was a detective known as Domino, who had Monstrous knowledge of the underworld and its secrets. Scourge was often able to infiltrate various organizations and locales by gaining the proper forged papers.


The Angel, a “golden age” costumed hero of the 1940’s, never forgave himself for the death of an innocent bystander who was killed by a criminal during a battle. The Angel later used his wealth to create the organization that would pose as Scourge– dedicated to stopping criminals even if it meant assassinating every one of them.

As the Scourge’s first known activity, he killed the hitman known as the Enforcer. After that, he popped up all over the Marvel Universe, killing many criminals and other villains. His victims included Miracle Man, the Melter, Titania, and the Fly, but probably his most successful hit came at the “Bar with No Name,” a hang-out for bad guys, located in Medina County, Ohio. Here, the Scourge killed 18 super-villains, including folks like Firebrand, the Ringer, the Vamp, and Cyclone.

When Captain America finally caught up with a Scourge, the assassin revealed himself to be a former make-up artist who used his skills to murder convicted criminals and vigilantes. (Although whether or not this was entirely true, in light of the Scourge organization, is up to debate.) As Captain America was about to turn him in to the authorities, the Scourge was shot dead by an unseen assailant, presumably another Scourge.

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