Scourge II

Jack Monroe

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 110
Karma 26
Resources Typical
Popularity 0




Body Armor: Scourge’s costume provides him with Remarkable protection from physical attacks and Excellent protection from energy attacks.
Battle Staff: Scourge’s primary weapon is his battle staff. It is made of Remarkable strength materials and inflicts Excellent blunt damage. It also fires an Incredible intensity force beam.
Skull Glider: This replica of Green Goblin’s glider flys at Typical airspeed. Iit has not demonstrated any of the Goblin Glider’s offensive capabilities.
Shrinking: Scourge has a supply of Pym particles which he can use to shrink with Incredible ability. He also uses these to shrink and grow his various weapon systems.
Weapons: Scourge carries a variety of weapons drawn from a variety of former and current super-villians. Not all of the weapons have been revealed but include the following:
Ice Projector: Using this device Scourge can generate ice with Remarkable ability. His only shown use for it is to create ice missiles which inflict Remarkable edged damage.
Flame Thrower: This device allows Scourge to project a flame of Monstrous intensity.
Spikes: Scourge can fire small spikes which inflict Excellent damage
Sword: Scourge carries a sword which is composed of an Incredible strength material. This can be used to inflict Remarkable edged damage or Excellent blunt damage.
Holographic Projector: Scourge can use this device to disguise himself with Monstrous ability.
Plant Control: This device allows Remarkable animation of plants.
Stilts: Allows the Incredible height increase upto 10 stories in height.
Vibro-Smashers: Adapted from the Shocker’s suit this devices generate an Amazing intensity vibratory shockwave.


All Martial Arts, Thrown Weapons, Guns, Detective, Lockpicking, Acrobatics, Horseback riding and Driving


Captain America, Falcon, Demolition Man. Vagabond, Gambit, Daredevil, and the Punisher


Jack Monroe was born in Clutier, Iowa, December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor Day. Jack’s father, Edward Monroe, was a stateside Nazi sympathizer who – much to the dismay of his wife Mary Ellen – severely beat Jack and his older sister Jill whenever they ventured into the basement, which was filled with Nazi paraphernalia. When Jack was eight, he decided to bring some pieces of his father’s Nazi collection to school for “show and tell,” in hopes of looking like a big shot in front of his friends. Three days later, Jack was accosted by F.B.I. agents who, over the course of several days, won Jack’s trust and began asking questions about Ed Monroe. Eventually, Jack broke down and told them about the basement and what was there. They took the senior Monroe away in handcuffs and soon after, it was discovered that nearly the entire town was involved.

The children of Clutier were mentally reconditioned to repress their childhood memories and were placed in foster homes spread out across the country with new, hypnotically suggested memories centering around these new families. It was decided early on that Jack would be the Bucky of a new generation. His involvment in the discovery of Clutier’s betrayal made him the perfect candidate. Once his past was revealed, the public would eat it up. A boy so dedicated to his country, he turned in his own traitorous parents. To insure Jack wouldn’t seek out his real parents if his memories of Clutier were ever restored, an alternate set of memories was also implanted to convince him that his parents had been found guilty of treason and executed for their crimes. But because Jack’s past was never revealed these memories would remain dormant for decades.

Jack’s new home was in Naugatuck, Connecticut. Because of the government’s plans for him, he was encouraged to learn everything he could about Captain America and Bucky. In 1952, Jack’s foster parents – government agents assigned to raise him until he was prepared to be trained as the new Bucky – were killed by Communist spies during the height of the Korean War and he was left in the custody of his “aunt” and “uncle.” However, because his aunt Joanie was a victim of alcoholism, Jack was soon after placed in McMurtry’s Foster Home where he was enrolled in the Lee School for Boys. It was there that the government arranged for Jack to befriend a teacher who shared his obsession with Captain America and Bucky – a man named “Steve Rogers.” This man’s incredible devotion to his idol had driven him to seek out the Super-Soldier formula, change his name, even his face, in hopes of replacing the hero he alone suspected to have been killed in World War II. The end of the Korean War – and the government’s subsequent lack of interest – cancelled those plans. Dejected, Steve turned to teaching.

But it wasn’t long before the Red Menace reared it’s ugly head right in the heart of America. Steve and Jack decided they had no choice. They injected themselves with the long hidden Super-Soldier serum and Captain America and Bucky were reborn. But, unchecked by the stabilizing vita-rays which had been used on the real Cap, the Super-Soldier serum began to destroy their minds. The incomplete treatment drove both of them into a hyper-paranoid delusional state and their commie-hunting tactics managed to make Joseph McCarthy look tame by comparison. They were apprehended by the F.B.I. and when science couldn’t find a cure for their condition they were cryogenically frozen in the hopes that someday they could be restored.

In 1972, they were roused from their decades-long slumber by someone whose political realities were as confused as theirs. Still lacking a cure for the chemically-induced insanity which controlled them, their first objective was to neutralize the traitor who had besmirched the good name of Captain America during their years of sleep. Little did Steve and Jack realize this “traitor” was, in fact, the original Cap who had been revived from a similar state of suspended animation years earlier. After they were defeated, the misguided heroes were again placed in suspended animation.

Several years later, the government, feeling responsible for them, roused Steve and Jack and turned them over to a mental institution in the Catskills. They weren’t aware, however, that the administrator of that hospital was the infamous mind-manipulator Doctor Faustus. Faustus transformed the ersatz Cap into the Grand Director of the fascistic National Force. To prove the loyalty of his new creation, he ordered the Grand Director to kill Jack. The Director did as ordered, shooting his loyal partner point-blank in the head. Soon after, grief-struck by this abominable action on his part, the Grand Director performed a fatal act of self-immolation. Jack was not dead though, the gun had been loaded with blanks. Faustus, it seemed, had intended on keeping Jack alive to be used as one of his puppets. Before this could occur, though, Faustus was thwarted by Captain America and Daredevil. Jack was then placed into the custody of a S.H.I.E.L.D. run hospital in Washington where he underwent several years of psychiatric therapy. Mixed into the less-than-sterling treatment were several rounds of cerebral chemical depressants and stimulants. Eventually, a cure was developed for Jack’s condition; he was given a three-week reorientation course and then thrust into the relatively complex world of 1983.

Once released, Jack sought out the friendship and tutelage of the real Captain America. In order to integrate him smoothly into modern society, S.H.I.E.L.D. decided that Jack be put into the blue and yellow spandex of Nomad, an identity that Cap had created at a time when he had lost faith in America. After a time, Jack went off on his own, ending up in Miami and helping to take down the drug empire of Ulysses X Lugman, also known as the Slug. Not long after that, Jack reunited with Cap – at the time calling himself “The Captain” during his resignation as Captain America – along with the Falcon, Demolition Man and Vagabond to oppose the Commission on Super-Human Activities.

After a falling out between him and Cap, Jack once again struck out on his own, returning to Miami to combat Umberto Safilios, a local pimp and narcotics trafficker. When Patty Joplin – working as both a prostitute for Safilios and as Jack’s informant – was killed, Jack investigated and discovered her parents were southern money. Patty, it turned out, was killed because she knew too much about Safilios’ dealings with D.E.A. agent Joseph Kittle, concerning a drugs for weapons trade. Safilios was responsible for her murder, but was also the father of her child, thus stalemating a rivalry between him and Miller Joplin, Patty’s father.

Safilios had also arranged for the shooting of another girl who happened to work at the electronics company that was developing software for the super-gun which was at the heart of the drug/arms deal. Jack followed the trail up through Lexington, Kentucky to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he rescued a prostitute’s daughter from Eddie Vanelli, another pimp/drug dealer involved in the whole dirty affair. Realizing she had no future with her substance-abusing prostitute mother, Jack adopted the child himself and named her “Bucky.” The whole fiasco came to a head in Juneau, Alaska, where Jack used a disk he had aquired in Minnesota to reprogram the super-gun to respond only to him, thus rendering it useless to everyone else. While trying to escape, he was confronted by Captain America and had a final show-down with the Commission, Umberto Safilios and both the American and Russian militaries. Forced to use the gun he had intended to disable, Jack killed virtually everyone between him and freedom and fled with Bucky down through Canada to Seattle.

It was there that Jack had his first encounter with Giscard Epurer, a man who would turn out to be a key player in Jack’s life in the next few months. Continuing south, Jack wound up in L.A., hooking up with a network of con-artists, petty thieves and prostitutes known as the Undergrounders. Jack settled down for a short time, but during that period Jack confronted a number of adversaries, including U.S.Agent, Deadpool, The Punisher and an evil doppelganger of the X-man, Gambit.

After fighting for his life in the Rodney King riots, Jack decided to blow out of town. As he travelled across the south, Jack was forced to confront the realities of the homeless, A.I.D.S., gay rights and the hate spawned by ignorance. During this time, Epurer had located Bucky’s mother, cleaned her up and molded her into a killing machine to defeat Jack for the possession of her daughter. Jack reluctantly conceded that she was capable of taking care of both herself and Bucky and left them to start their life together.

Immediately after, Jack was kidnapped by Doctor Faustus who manipulated him into attempting to assassinate the Slug, thus giving Faustus a monopoly on the Florida drug market. Captain America intervened and prevented Jack from murdering both the Slug and Faustus. Ultimately though, Faustus was killed on the grounds of the minimum security prison he had been sent to after Jack broke in and shot him. Jack had been consumed with hatred because Faustus had caused him to recall the grim spectre of his childhood during his brainwashing sessions.

After several more entanglements involving the Six-Pack, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Man-thing, Zaran the weapons master was hired to kill Jack. Zaran failed and when interrogated, claimed his employer to be Giscard Epurer. When Jack tracked him down in Washington D.C., Epurer revealed Zaran’s true employer to be Bart Ingrid, who Jack had bullied around as a child. Ingrid had risen up through the Senate, was a top-candidate for Ross Perot’s running-mate in the 1996 elections and had secretly revived the Nazi movement in Clutier. Epurer sent Jack to Clutier to neutralize the militia camp and rescue his covert operative, Bucky’s mother.

During a brief reunion with his sister Jill, who had returned to Clutier as an adult, Jack learned that his mother and father had not been executed and that his mother was still alive, but very ill. Having received directions from his sister, Jack stormed the camp and found Bucky’s mother dead, killed at the hands of the super-aryan, “88” who possessed a new super-gun. Jack managed to reprogram this new gun with the disk he used on the first one in Alaska, take control and use it to destroy the camp.

Jack then returned to Washington where he attempted to stop Ingrid’s last-ditch attempt to detonate a bomb in the Senate House. With a stripped-down version of the super-gun he killed Ingrid, setting off the case of explosives. Feeling responsible for her after the loss of both her mother and her adopted father, Epurer took Bucky into his custody. Jack, however, had just barely survived. Several people had been killed in the explosion and Vernon Hatchway – the F.B.I. agent given the task of killing Jack – switched him with one of the bodies. Hatch placed Jack in cryogenic freeze once again, to be revived when the people of America would understand Jack’s cause and let him fight for it.

Jack made his reappearance as the latest Scourge, later abandoning the identity. More recently he has been killed, the permanancy of this remains to be seen.

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