Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch
Wanda Django Maximoff

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 56
Karma 80
Resources Typical
Popularity 15


Probability Field Alteration: Wanda can disrupt probabilities to make unlikely events occur with Monstrous ability, this can range from combustion of flammable objects to vehicle crashes etc. She has a -1CS when attempting to influence unnatural materials.

Magic: Wanda is a magical adept with the following established powers:

Detect Magic: Amazing
Eldritch Bolts: Incredible
Shields: Incredible
Telekinesis: Excellent
Flight: Good
Magical Senses: Remarkable
Spirit Sense and Communication: Remarkable
Weather Manipulation: Remarkable


Occult Lore, Mystic Background, Languages: English, French, Latin, Martial Arts A


Avengers, Agatha Harkness, Inhumans, Doctor Strange, Lady Liberators, Force Works, Brides of Set, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Queen’s Vengeance


Wanda and her twin brother, Pietro (Quicksilver,) are children of Magneto and his wife, Magda, who fled the power-weary Magneto to the refuge of Wundagore Mountain, which also was the headquarters of the High Evolutionary. Magda, with the equine Bova as midwife, gave birth to the twins, but died soon afterwards. The twins were given to Peter Frank, the Golden Age hero known as the Whizzer, whose wife, Madeline Joyce (Miss America,) also sought refuge on Wundagore and died giving birth to her stillborn son around the same time. The Whizzer, distraught, fled the mountain, and Wanda and Pietro were raised by Bova before being given to a wandering gypsy band.

Wanda and Pietro were later found by Magneto, who was unaware of their connection, and impressed into service as part of his first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They joined Magneto in several of his attempts to assume mutant supremacy, but later escaped and found refuge with members of the Avengers. They quickly were allowed to join, and Wanda began a long tenure with the team. When the android Vision joined, Wanda soon found herself attracted to him, much to the chagrin of her brother, and their long courtship eventually ended in marriage by the ruler of Limbo, Immortus. They continued to serve the Avengers, and during the course of one adventure, discovered her true legacy with her brother.

Wanda soon had herself and the Vision take a leave of absence. After pursuing her magical tutelage of Agatha Harkness, Wanda and Vision retired from full time adventuring, but were soon contacted to help the Avengers against Annihilus’ “null-field” that was surrounding Manhattan. Vision was seriously injured in the accident, and Wanda served as an Avenger while her husband recuperated in the mansion’s lab. Eventually, with the rejuvenated Vision’s misguided and failed attempt to take over the world, the couple again retired from the Avengers. They had their own series of adventures against the Salem’s Seven. Later, Wanda used a combination of magic and mutant ability to allow the couple to have a child, and Wanda soon gave birth to twins.

The family continued to stay in their home in Jersey until helping the Avenger’s west coast branch during a membership crisis. Back in the Avengers, the Vision was captured and dismantled, effectively ending their marriage with his complete change of personality. Wanda’s problems continued, as she was chosen as a host for That Which Endures, and soon discovered her twins were actually captured essences of Master Pandemonium’s soul, and were absorbed back into him. Wanda’s sanity momentarily slipped, and she joined her father Magneto in wanting total mutant supremacy. The Avengers helped bring her back to herself, as Immortus appeared, claiming to be causing these tragedies to befall Wanda, in order to create her into a “nexus being” and wanting to control her and, through her, the space-time continuum. Immortus was repulsed. Wanda stayed with the west coast Avengers (and the Vision spent more and more time with the east,) and even ended up leading the team briefly, although very soon after, the east coast Avengers voted to shut the west coast branch down.

Wanda joined other ex-west coast members in the briefly formed “Force Works,” and lent her hex ability to power a trouble-spotting computer. She continued to act as field leader, although Iron Man often acted as one as well, to her chagrin. Later, during the “Crossing” affair, as Kang and Mantis attacked the Avengers on several fronts, Wanda ended up separated from both teams, traveling with similarly displaced Hawkeye, but soon found herself back in the Avengers’ fold. Soon, however, Wanda helped defeat the menace of Onslaught alongside her other Avengers, by seemingly sacrificing herself to absorb its energies. In actuality, she was displaced in another universe, and was soon returned to our reality with the rest of the heroes.

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