Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider
Identity: Ben Reilly

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible

Health 150
Karma 80
Resources Poor
Popularity 10

Wall-Crawling: Amazing
Combat Sense: A “buzzing” in his head alerts Ben to potential danger. Ben cannot be blindsided, and he may make defensive actions if he makes a successful power FEAT. Intuition in combat is Amazing. If the sense has been nullified his Intuition is as listed and all Agility FEATs are at -1CS.

Web Shooters: Ben also altered his web shooters to accomodate for his new variations on his webbing, tracers,and brand new “stingers.” The first apparent change is the new “twist-of-the-wrist” activation – various sensors in the cuff are stimulated by different wrist positions to issue the different webbing availiable. The web shooter also has an inflating cuff pump to insure comfort and to make sure the sensors are where they are most effective. These sensors change the thickness of the web, tells which kind of webbing is fired, or if a stinger or a minidot tracer is fired. Another very practical change is the “quick-click-change” on the shooter. When a cartidge is empty, all Ben has to do is swivel the cartridges to click a new one into place. Each web shooter holds 9 web cartridges, and each web shooter cartridge holds approximately 100 uses of normal webbing, 20 impact webbing pellets, 5 stingers, and 1 minidot tracer. There are reserve cartridges in his belt, and is defined there.
Impact Webbing: Ben, as Scarlet Spider, created a new variation on his webbing called impact webbing. This webbing fires from the top of the web shooter, and fires as little, round pellets and have Poor protection After impact, these potent pellets explode into thousands of tiny tendrils of moist webbing of Incredible material strength, and harden the next round to Monstrous material strength. Each pellet covers an area of 2′ x 2′ x 2′ after exploding, and conforms to what it hits. For example, if the pellet where to hit a box of one foot square, it would enwrap the entire box with plenty of webbing to glue it to floor, or if it where floating, it would have an extra one foot of webbing on each side. Another example, if the pellet where to hit a side of the Empire State Building it would cover a flat area equal to two feet cubed, or five feet squared. It’s that simple. When pellets are used in conjunction, the effects are cumulative. The pellets are used for restraining opponents, protecting items, landing pads for cushioning falls, and wrapping large areas more quickly than his regular webbing. The webbing has a velocity/range of 3 areas per round, and can be fired at a speed of 4 pellets per web shooter per round. Each web shooter holds approximately 20 pellets per cartridge. This webbing is very new, and really hasn’t been examined thoroughly. It makes me wonder what it would do if it were fired in a high wind hurricane, or underwater.
Stingers: These are small, aerodynamic “needles” that are fired from the top of the web shooter, alongside the exit for the impact webbing. Ben uses these to keep his opponents off gaurd. Stingers are hardened webbing made of Monstrous material strength. Are 3″ (75mm) long, and do Poor damage. They can’t make a “kill” result. If a red FEAT is made, treat it as a Stun.
Minidot Tracer: These are the tracers Ben uses, and they are many times better than the old ones. First, the new compact size is alot more practical, they are 1/4″ (7 mm) in diameter, just at the point of stability. It is shaped like a frisbee and has the firing range/velocity of 3 areas per round. It also has Am rank grappling. And like it’s earlier model, it works on Ben’s spider sense at range of one mile at Amazing accuracy.
Utility Belt and Ankle Pouches – All Spider costumes are equipped with a utility belt. This is where more web fluid is carried (enough to completely refill a single web shooter four times), a camera is held, and a “spider” light is placed. The light is placed where the buckle is, and has an intensity of Good. The Scarlet Spider suit was equipped with ankle pouches.


Chemistry, Physics


Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Daredevil, Black Cat


Ben was cloned from Peter Parker by Miles Warren. Trying to find himself, he wondered the country, eventually returning to New York after Peter’s Aunt May took ill. Ben put together a new costume and was dubbed the “Scarlet Spider” by the Daily Bugle. Ben remained the Scarlet Spider for some time.

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