Scarlet Centurion


Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Remarkable

Health 160
Karma 60
Resources Amazing
Popularity -10




Body Armor: Marcus wears body armor that provides Amazing protection from physical and energy damage.
Force Field: Monstrous protection against physical and energy damage
Self-Sustance: Marcus doesn’t need to eat or sleep.
Surface Charge: Anyone touching the armor recives an Incredible rank Electrical charge.
Staff: Made from Unearthly material strength the staff is capable of inflicting amazing blunt damage to a target. In addtion the staff also provides the following:
Energy Emmision: Shoot forth a blast of Monstrous intensity energy.
Energy Absorbtion: Scarlet Centurion can absorb energies from a person or machine on contact. He can absorb up to 300 points of energy for weapons systems, raising them to Unearthly for 1 round. He can absorb incoming attacks on a Yellow Fighting FEAT or better.
Hover Pad: Can fly at Amazing airspeed.
Control Speed Body Protection
Unearthly Amazing Unearthly None


Martial Arts-All, Military, Weaponspecialist: Staff, Marksmanship, Pilot




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