Sanderson “Sandy” Hawkins

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 80
Karma 50
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 10


Silicon Body: In He can transform his body into sand-like particles under his direct control. Sand now has the ability to pass through any object with silica in it. His altered physiology provides the following abilities:
Phasing: Through openings with Remarkable ease. Unearthly ability to pass through silicon materials
Elongation: Typical
Body Resistance: Incredible ability to have solid matter pass through his body
Resistance to Toxins and Disease: only things specifically targeting silicon lifeforms can harm Sand


Gas Gun: Remarkable knock-out gas, fire up to 5 areas, gas spreads within 1 area.
Wirepoon Gun: Remarkable shooting damage. Capable of firing a swing line5 areas long. Made from Excellent strength material.
Gas Mask:


Due to his new power sand is sensitive to seismic disturbances.


Acrobatics, Martial Arts A E, Tumbling, Detective, Pilot – Land, Detective, Repair/Tinkering, Weaponspecialist: Gas Guns


Justice Society, Speed Saunders


Sand was originally Sandy the Golden Boy, sidekick to the golden age Sandman. When they where not battling crime together, Wesley Dodds and Sandy Hawkins were attempting to develop a silicon weapon created from sand. The weapon exploded during the experiment in 1950 and transformed Sandy into a silicon monster. The Sandman was so shocked from the transformation that he sedated Sandy and kept him in a large basement under his home.

Sandy finally escaped Dodd’s basement prison in the mid-1970s and caused various earthquakes because of sensitive nature to seismic tremors of the earth. He was finally subdued by the JLA and JSA where it was revealed that Sandy had been fully conscious of all the years being locked in the Sandman’s basement. Sandman again was shocked into action. Sandy was then sent to the best research labs around the world in hopes of finding a cure for his condition. However, Sandman soon discovered a former scientist turned villain, who named himself the Shatterer, had kidnapped Sandy and was using his seismic powers for his own agendas. The Sandman defeated the Shatterer and used a carbon-based ray on Sandy to revert him back to his human state. Sandy was immune to the effects of aging and was the same age as he was when he was first transformed into the silicon monster.

Together the Sandman and Sandy resumed their fight against crime until the mid-90s where Sandman retired. Sandy continued his battle against crime alone and just recently joined the JSA and changed his name to Sand.

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