Victor Creed

Fighting Amazing
Agility Remarkable
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Typical
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Remarkable

Health 160
Karma 86
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Heightened Senses: Amazing
Tracking: Monstrous
Claws: Remarkable edged damage, Amazing material strength
Fangs: Excellent edged damage to a grappled opponent.
Regeneration: Amazing rank healing factor permits 5 points per round
Recovery: Unearthly
Infravision: Remarkable
Special: When in battle with Wolverine all green and yellow Fighting hits hecks are considered to be a “Hit”. Red is considered a “Stun” unless a natural 100 is rolled which results in a “Kill”.


Detective/Espionage, Martial Arts A, C, Marksmanship, Guns, Stealth


Marauders, X-Factor, Brotherhood III, V, Team X, CIA, Hounds, Weapon X Program I, III


Sabretooth is just one of the several man-made killers created by the Weapon-X project. Once an ally of Wolverine, he is now one of the most vicious of the X-Men’s foes. He has an incredible healing factor that makes him immune to most drugs and poisons, and he has greater endurance than most human beings. With his fearsome claws, sharp teeth and innate savagery, Sabretooth has a bloodlust that is rivaled only by his hate for Wolverine. And indeed, the two have clashed innumerable times, always with no clear victor. For a time, Wolverine thught Sabretooth to be his father, but discovered that this was yet another memory implant.

Wolverine finally lost his patience with Sabretooth when the world was coming to an end, bringing the Age of Apocolypse, popping his third claw into the brain of the villain, effectively labotomizing him. After the world was righted and the Age of Apocolypse ended, he remained almost catatonic for a time in the X-Mansion, a guest of Professor Xavier’s. It was Xavier’s hope that Sabretrooth could be perhaps be reformed, but never one to change his spots, Victor Creed regained his sanity only to nearly kill Psylocke and escape the mansion. His shady past has revealed ties not only with Wolverine, but also the X-Man Gambit, and X-Factor’s Mystique. From his union with Mystique was born the normal human Graydon Creed, a mutant-hater and enemy of the X-Men. Sabretooth and Mystique now bear extreme hatred for one another, as do he and Gambit. Uncaring, Sabretooth continues to plague the X-Men, their allies, and anyone else who happens to get in his way, even some who don’t. An indiscriminate killer, he is a threat that many would like to see put to an end.

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