Identity: Ruth Bat-Seraph

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Amazing
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 160
Karma 40
Resources Typical
Popularity 10

Superhuman Physiology: Sabra’s skin, muscle and bone are more dense. This also provides her with the following:

Body Resistance: Good
Resist toxins and disease: Amazing
Regeneration: Poor
Lightning speed: Good
She makes Endurance checks as if she has Monstrous Endurance.

Cape: Amazing flight with auto pilot
Energy Quills: Ignore body armor, Endurance FEAT vs. Remarkable stunning. Failure results in 1-2 hours unconsciousness. Called shot localize the effects but can affect characters with Endurance greater than Monstrous. Localized effects include -2CS Fighting and Agility and Movement for 10-100 rounds. Up to 10 quills can be shot before recharging.


Law Enforcement, Weapon Specialist: Quills, Marksmanship, Martial Arts B, Aerial Combat


Israeli Government, Hulk, Professor X, Mutant Underground, X-Corporation, Mossad, Unknown Champions


She was, and probably still is, a member of the feared Israeli´s Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks, the Mossad, but is also in the Israel Super-Agent program, thanks to her mutant powers.

Ruth appeared in the X-Universe during Operation: Zero Tolerance, when it was discovered that she´s was member of Xavier´s “underground” community that wants the coexistence between homo-sapiens and homo-superior. She hacked important files from her Mossad agency, files that would indicate the location of the man called Bastion and many of his secrets. After a brief fight with some Prime Sentinels, Sabra went to the United States, where she saved Iceman, Dr. Reyes and Marrow from other robot enemies. Soon after, the quartet went to the location where Bastion was, defeating him, and handing him over to S.H.I.E.L.D. . After this episode, Sabra appeared in Gabrielle´s Haller home, whom she was investigating, to locate Magneto. With the help of Haller, she found the home of a forger name Odekirk, who apparently created the “Erik Lensherr” identity to the man only called Magnus. In a real short time, Bat-Seraph went again to the U.S., this time to the X-Mansion, to capture Joseph, who claimed to be Magneto. But Maggot, who seems to have some connection to the real Magnus, told Sabra that that man was no Magneto. The couple, Sabra and Joseph, took off in search for the villain, each one with a motive: Joseph to learn his true past and Sabra to save mankind from the abuses of a man filled with prejudice and hate.

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