Fighting Remarkable
Agility Good
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Amazing

Health 165
Karma 70
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Invulnerability: Cannot be killed by non-magical means. He may still be affected by Stuns and Slams.
Body Resistance: Incredible protection from physical and energy attacks


Martial Arts C, Wrestling


Bloodscream, General Coy


Of unknown background, Roughhouse may or may not be a mutant. Often his dialogue is peppered with Norse references, indicating at least a familiarity with Asgardian legend if not first-hand experience. Roughhouse has served as an agent of General Coy and partner to Bloodscream. Most recently, following an adventure with Wolverine in Central America, Roughhouse has chosen to remain in Costa Bravo and aid Sister Salvation in her mission.

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