Ronan The Accuser

Ronan The Accuser

Fighting Amazing
Agility Good
Strength Incredible
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Incredible

Health 150
Karma 60
Resources Feeble
Popularity -20 (80 among Kree)




Cosmi-Rod: This weapon made of Unearthly material can manipulate cosmic energy at Monstrous rank. Ronan can inflict Unearthly damage with it when using it as a rod. He has develloped the following power stunts:
Power Blasts: Monstrous force or energy, 4 areas range
Reconstruct existing matter within 2 areas
Flight: Remarkable air speed in atmosphere. Class 5000 in space
Force Field: Monstrous Anyone touching the rod without Ronan’s protective armor suffers Monstrous damage each round.
Armor: Ronan wears a special armored suit that provides protection from the effects of the Cosi-rod. It also fffers Incredible protection vs heat, cold, energy and radiation and Amazing protection vs physical attacks . The armor also enhances Ronan’s physical abilities increasing his Strength and Endurance to Monstrous and health to 210. The armor also has a cloaking device that permits Invisibility at Excellent rank.


Weapon Specialist: Cosmi-Rod, Astro Navigation, Law


Kree Empire


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