Space Knight
Fighting Incredible
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 175
Karma 50
Resources Amazing
Popularity 20

Acute Senses: Rom has Excellent senses of smell and vision, and is able to see in the dark with no penalty.

Body Armor: Rom’s suit of armor provided him with Incredible protection against all physical, radiation, heatbased, and cold-based attacks. He could survive indefinitely in the vacuum of space.
Flight: Rom’s armor was equipped with twin rocket pods which enabled him to fly at Unearthly speed in the vacuum of space or at Monstrous Air speeds in an atmosphere. Rom also possessed sensors that enabled him to locate space warps with Monstrous ability and range, allowing shortcuts through space with Class 1000 range.
Regeneration: Rom’s armor has a self-repair capability that provided him with Good Regeneration.
Energy Analyzer: This item could emit ultra-high frequency waves that scanned a being’s molecular structure. This caused Dire Wraiths to emit special waves visible to Rom’s optic sensors. The device could also be used to sense the energy potential of other items and beings. It could trace energy trails of Excellent or high Rank with Amazing ability.
Translator: This micro-computer could translate any language it heard for at least 6 consecutive turns. Once it had learned that language, it could store the information in Rom’s memory banks, allowing him to speak and understand it at will.
Neutralizer: Rom’s only actual weapon. Capable of neutralizing energy fields, when the Neutralizer’s beam is trained on a Dire Wraith, the target is hurled into a dimensional Limbo. Full-power, the Neutralizer could kill any being, but Rom rarely did this as full Karma penalties were applied. At its lowest setting, the Neutralizer can neutralize radiation poisoning. Only Dire Wraiths could be sent to Limbo; humans could not withstand the energy release necessary. Anyone trying to use (not merely touch) the Neutralizer, except Rom, would take Monstrous damage.

Note: The Analyzer, Translator and Neutralizer are normally stored in a hyperdimensional pocket when not in use.


Aerial Combat, Astro-Navigation


X-Men, New Mutants. Rick Jones, Starshine, U.S. Government, Peter Gyrich and SHIELD, Forge


Rom is from Galador, a planet which was on the path of the unstoppable Dire Wraiths. The Wraiths, horrible shapeshifting beings of great genetic and sorcerous power, had already destroyed the massed fleet of the mostly peaceful Galadorians. However, the leader of Galador, the Prime Director, was not ready to go down without fighting, and asked his people for volunteers who would sacrifice themselves in order to become total conversion cyborg warriors. Such a sacrifice was almost unthinkable for the peaceful, life-loving Galadorians ; however, the first one to accept was a young man named Rom. He was turned into a powerful “spaceknight” and given the Neutralizer, the most powerful weapon ever produced by Galadorian technology.

The Spaceknights, all cyborged volunteers, managed with great sacrifices to break the Wraith’s attack on Galador. Rom himself slew the great winged shadow demon conjured by the Dire Wraiths to be their main weapon. The courageous Spaceknights then dispersed to stalk the Dire Wraiths everywhere they could be found, so as to save the worlds who could not defend themselves as well as Galador. Rom himself ended up on Earth.

Rom’s fight against the Dire Wraith, which had infiltrated the Earth to an alarming degree, was long and arduous. However, after a point, he was able to convince many heroes and government officials of the clear and present danger posed by the Dire Wraiths, and many Dire Wraiths were destroyed (many by SHIELD operatives using weapons derived from Rom’s own and built by Forge). It was ultimately revealed that the Wraiths intended, through sorcerous means, to replace Earth with their own home planet. Rom’s Neutralizer was used as the power source for a giant weapon built by Forge, and the Wraithworld was obliterated. All Dire Wraiths on Earth were later destroyed.

The plot then became less interesting. Rom came back to Galador, discovered that a new generation of Spaceknight created to protect Galador while the first Knights were away had become power-mad, and had killed everyone on Galador in order to create a new, stronger Galador. Those knights were destroyed by the first generation Spaceknights, less powerful but more experienced. Rom is the only one whom has been able to return to human form, and is now the sole living organic Galadorian.

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