Identity: Anna Marie

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 185
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity 0

Body Resistance: Amazing
True Flight: Remarkable
Danger Sense: Incredible
Claws: Monstrous
Optic Blasts: Amazing
Thermal Manipulation-Cold: Amazing
Magnetic Manipulation: Amazing
Telekinesis: Incredible
Telepathy: Incredible
Weather Control: Amazing
Regeneration: Remarkable
Metabolic Resistance: Rogue has an Amazing rank innate resistance to Drugs, Toxins and disease.
Power Absorbtion: Unearthly on physical contact. If Rogue has contact with her target for a round, she gains the targets’ memories, powers, abilities & talents for 6-60 rounds. target falls unconscious

Machines & Energy beings are immune
If target’s ranks are Shift-Y or higher, she must make an Endurance FEAT. vs. stuns & slams
If any absorbed abilities are Monstrous or higher, she must make a Psyche FEAT. or overcome that person’s personality
If Rogue is in contact for more than 1 round, She must make a Psyche FEAT or permanently take over the powers with a loss of 1 rank of Psyche

When Rogue call upon the power of another she has absorbed she risks the Psyche of the donor taking control of her. She must make a successful Yellow Psyche FEAT to avoid this. If the FEAT fails the personality of the donor takes control of her body. She may attempt to exert control once per hour thereafter. To regain control a successful red FEAT is required.


Martial Art A,B, C, Aerial Combat, Resist Domination, Bilingual (English & Russian), Detective/Espionage




Rogue’s career began rather questionably with the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, which was led by her foster mother, Mystique. Her powers took hold much earlier, manifesting at the time of her first kiss with her childhood friend Cody. Not knowing the damage it would do, she kissed him innocently, and drained him of all of his memories, leaving him in a coma. This first tragic incident caused her much pain as she realized she could never touch another living being. She later came to realize that the absorption of memories was not always permanent, but only occured with prolonged contact. She also discovered that she could absorb another mutants powers, as well as their memories, and Mystique put this power to work by making her part of the Brotherhood.

On her first mission with the Brotherhood, she fought against a super-hero named Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), whom she stole the powers of flight, super-strength and invulnerability from. After stealing the powers, she tried to throw Ms. Marvel from the bridge they were fighting on, but she held on to Rogue’s hand trying to take her with her. She held on too long, and the absorption became permanent, leaving Rogue with all of Carol Danvers’ memories and powers. Rogue disappeared from public view following that incident.

Meanwhile, Carol Danvers, now powerless and with little to no memory of her former life tried putting the pieces back together with no luck. Her quandry eventually led her to the X-Men, seeking the help of Professor X of putting her mind back together. Elsewhere, Rogue surfaced, having a brief run-in with Wolverine before escaping. A short time later, Rogue arrived on the doorstep of the X-Mansion, also seeking Professor X’s help. Her mind was shattered from the continuing battle between her and Carol Danvers’ psyches, and she asked for his help in piecing her mind back together. He answered her plea for help, and admitted her as part of the team. Unfortunately, Carol Danvers was not so forgiving. In the time she had spent with the X-Men, latent mutant powers had surfaced and she sent Rogue into orbit, literally, with a punch when she entered the mansion. Rogue returned to find Carol Danvers in heated discussion with Professor X. He was convinced that Rogue should be taught to control her powers so that further incidents such as the one with Carol would not happen. Carol Danvers, now Binary Star, left the mansion in a huff, never to return.

It was a rough time for Rogue as she was slowly accepted by the team, the hardest to convince being Wolverine who had been very close to Carol Danvers during the early days of his career. But eventually, through much effort and sacrifice, they came to accept her. In the early days with the team she used her power of absorption often, usually stealing their powers and memories with the kiss so often denied her in life. She stole powers from many great beings, including the god-like Beyonder. She also spent a great deal of time wrestling with Carol Danvers inside of her head. Anytime Rogue was rendered unconscious, Carol Danvers persona took over Rogues body. At one point, when Carol Danvers was in control of Rogues body, she touched Psylocke on the shoulder with her bare fingers, skin to skin, without triggering the absorption. Rogue has never learned how to control it to this day.

But, if Carol Danvers knew the secret to controlling Rogue’s power, it was lost forever when Rogue sacrificed herself to the Siege Perilous to rid the world of MasterMold. The Siege Perilous is a device which takes each being that enters it, takes them apart to their molecular level and judges them, placing them at the time and place the will do the most good with another chance at life. Rogue spent quite a bit of time in the Siege, finally being dropped by it at the X-Men’s complex in Australia. Finding herself without Ms. Marvels powers, and no sign of Carol Danvers psyche or the X-Men, she made her way to the Savage Land, where she was confronted by a zombie-like Ms. Marvel. The Siege Perilous had divided them into two beings again. Unfortunately, there was only enough life force for one of them and they each struggled to possess it. In the ensuing battle, Rogue was losing and lost consciousness. When she awoke, she found Magneto as her savior, having finished the battle for her. She spent a time without any powers at all, and grew very close with Magneto during the her time in the Savage Land. Her powers did return, slowly, though now she rarely used her power of absorption. Eventually she was reunited with the X-Men.

By this time, there were many new faces, among them, Remy LeBeau known as Gambit to the team. He began to persue Rogue with a romantic vengeance, and their relationship grew despite her inability to be intimate. They eventually did kiss, when the crystal wave came, bringing with it the Age of Apocolypse and ending the world as they knew it. When the world returned to normal, it found Gambit in a coma from the last desperate kiss, and Rogue with memories she could not decipher. She discovered that there were many dark secrets in his mind, but could not puzzle them out. Her confusion at this drove her to leave the X-Men for a time, and Gambit to follow her. He reached out to her, offering her all, to let her touch him and know everything, but she could not and turned away from him.

When she returned to the X-Men, she had a mutant named Joseph in tow, formerly known as Magneto. She did not stay with the team long, though, as she prepared to leave to go visit her childhood love Cody, still in his coma. Unknown to her, Gambit’s wife Belladona had kidnapped Cody in her plans to be rid of Rogue, believing Rogue had stolen Gambit from her. Belladona was defeated by both Gambit and Rogue, but Cody died from the lack of his life support machines. In touching him though, Rogue felt his happiness and forgiveness, and reconciled herself with her lifelong pain.

Things remained strained between Gambit and Rogue, her attraction to Joseph making things even more difficult. Her admission of love for Gambit gave hope for their romance, as well as Joseph’s gift to her; a place where she can touch others without fear of absorbing their memories and powers. She still has not used it, however, and it seems unlikely that she will in light of recent revelations about Gambit. Revealed as the person who brought together the Marauders, the most deadly group of super-villains the X-Men have ever faced, also responsible for wiping out the Morlocks and the incapacitation and near death of several X-Men, Gambit has been outcast by his team and family. Rogue left him to his own devices on a plain in Antarctica, deserting him and casting him from her heart. Overwhelmed by depression at her abused trust and love, and more hateful of her power than ever before, she decided to see a doctor who claims he can rid her of her mutant genes, but found in the end that she did not wish to be rid of her mutant abilities.

Sage’s ability to unlock a mutant potential has awakened Rogues power to a point where she can now call upon any of the powers she has ever possessed. It seems that there is a dangerous weakness with this new power of her’s, to also call upon the absorbed Psyche as displayed when Magneto personality tried to take over when rogue used a Magnetic power.

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