Tim Drake

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 86
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity 25


Stealth: Typical although this should not be considered a power as it falls more under the auspice of “Training”.


Weapons: Robin’s weapon of choice is a collapseable staff with which he can do Excellent damage. Robin can use his staff to deflect arrows and thrown weapons such as shurikens. This action requires a successful Agility FEAT roll.
Uniform: Excellent Body Armor vs. physical attacks, Good vs. energy attacks. Contains nightvision lenses providing Remarkable Infravision, voice-command audio processor, radio transceiver, inertial GPS system, and field-of-view display projector.
Utility Belt: Equipped with pockets of varying size. Failsafe in the belt will cause it to explode (Remarkable damage) and be completely destroyed should the buckle or pouches be opened incorrectly.
De-Cel Monofilament Jump Line: Slows user’s fall the further he descends. Remarkable strength, supports 400 lbs. indefinitely and 800 lbs. for shorter periods.
Launching Grappling Hook: Fires a hook that snaps open after firing and clamps shut once the button at its joint hits its target. Contains 200 ft. of de-cel cord (above).
Wall Penetrating Grappel: Fires diamond-bit piercing darts that can attach to up to Remarkable materials. Contains 200 ft. of thermoplastic line (Incredible strength, can support up to 600 lbs.).
Conventional Gas Mask: Allows for freedom of operation under exposure to any airborne noncontact toxins.
Rebreather: Provides oxygen for 2 hrs.
Smoke Capsules: Excellent intensity, 1-area radius. All in the affected area at -2 CS to performing actions.
Crime Scene Kit: Contains sample bags, blood-drying bags, fingerprinting kit, odor-analyzing chromatograph, independent detachable video camera. Linked directly to Robin’s uniform, the Batmobile, and the Batcave computer.
Redbird: Robin has his own car, the Redbird.


Detective/Espionage, Martial Arts B,C,E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Crime, Weapon Specialist-Staff, Thrown Weapons, Computers +2CS, Trivia-Batman and Art


Batman, Nightwing, Harold, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Drake Industries, Oracle, Spoiler


It was the night the circus came to town – a night nearly a decade ago that would forever change the lives of two young boys. One was Tim Drake, barely old enough to talk but nevertheless completely captivated by the circus and by an older boy, Dick Grayson – who, with his parents, made up the aerialist team known as the Flying Graysons, the only acrobats in the world who could perform the death-defying quadruple somersault.

During that night’s performance, John and Mary Grayson fell to their deaths from a sabotaged trapeze, victims of an extortion ring that threatened the circus. Tim saw it all – including the moment that the Batman entered from above to comfort Dick Grayson and spirit him away. That night made a permanent impression on Tim, who continued to have nightmares about it for years after. In those dreams, Tim witnessed Dick time and time again perform his trademark quadruple somersault. Then, years later, Tim saw it for the first time outside his nightmares – when he caught a glimpse of Batman’s teenage partner, Robin executing the same manoeuvre on television.

Tim instantly saw through the red-and-yellow disguise to the boy underneath. Further research revealed that, six months after that night Batman had taken Dick Grayson away, Grayson had become the ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne, and Robin had made his first appearance. Because of unique circumstances coupled with the intuition and insight only a child can have, Tim had uncovered Batman and Robin’s greatest secret.

It was a secret he would never betray; after all, Batman and Robin were Tim’s heroes. So when Grayson moved to New-York and became Nightwing, Tim followed his new career; when Bruce Wayne adopted another young orphan named Jason Todd – and subsequently Robin reappeared – Tim noted this too. But after Tim read about Jason’s death, he began to notice that something was wrong with Batman. Without the mitigating force of a young partner, the Dark Knight had become more frustrated, more violent….and in need of help.

Tim then tipped his hand in order to reunite the Batman-Robin team. Tracking down Dick Grayson, he earned his trust by helping him crack a murder investigation, and then told him what he knew of Batman’s identity – and of his impending breakdown. Together, they saved Batman; with the help of Batman’s manservant, Alfred, Tim donned the Robin costume just long enough to rescue Batman and Nightwing from a trap set by Two-Face.

Persuaded by Grayson and Alfred, Batman consented to train Tim to become the new Robin, though he vowed not to make the same mistake he had made with Jason by putting the boy into action too soon, before he was prepared.

Tim’s parents were rarely around; they had left their son at a Gotham boarding school. Consequently, Bruce Wayne made arrangements to have Tim visit him frequently, during which time the boy trained in secret under the Batman’s watchful eye.

Whether his parents should be told never became an issue. While on a trip to the Caribbean, they were abducted by the Obeah Man, leader of a voodoo cult. Despite Batman’s intervention, the Drakes were poisoned by Obeah; Janet was killed and Jack was put into a paralytic coma.

Tim finally proved himself by rescuing Batman from the Scarecrow, at which point he was presented with a new, modified Robin suit and was allowed to travel to Europe to further hone his talents.

There, Tim studied combat under teachers unknown even to Batman and learned certain skills that are now uniquely his.

Tim is a sharp detective and a quick thinker. A little more mature than his predecessors, he is less likely to allow his emotions to govern his actions and is a more than capable partner to the Batman.

Robin is a superb crimefighter, trained in martial arts and acrobatics. His other talents include detective work, computer science, healing skills and analytical thinking. His costume, fireproof and bulletproof, contains numerous weapons that help him in his fight against crime, the most notable of which are his sling and his collapsible staff. Concealed within his costume and utility belt, Robin has a razor-sharp “R” emblem shuriken, sling shot, gas pellets, rebreather and other devices. Robin primarily uses his reinforced polymer telescoping Bo Staff, which was first introduced to him by the deadly Lady Shiva.

Tim received further training in Paris from the deadly Lady Shiva and made what seems to be as a bunch of life-time enemies including Linx and The King Snake. Robin often teams up with ex-Robin, NIGHTWING, with whom he has a sort of brother type of relationship with.

In more recent times, Tim Drake has had to deal with some of the more harsh realities of having a double life. Not only was he sent to a private all-boys school by his father, but he’s lost some of the trust he shared with him. Brentwood Academy for Boys is a strict place, and sneaking in and out at all hours of the night have proven more difficult than Tim thought. Luckily, Alfred has moved into Brentwood Academy as Tim’s helper. Nevertheless, Tim continues his nightly patrols alongside Batman or Spoiler.

Having not told Spoiler (whom he’s been dating for some time) his secret identity, Tim was quite shocked when Batman took her in and revealed Tim’s identity to her. There was an uneasiness between the two – especially since Batman was now personally training Spoiler.

If costumed life with Batman wasn’t difficult enough, Robin also leads Young Justice – a team of teenaged heroes consisting of Superboy, Impulse, Arrowette, Wondergirl, Secret, Lobo (young Lobo) Empress and himself.

His responsibilities have become quite tremendous and the burden of it all can’t be healthy. Regardless, Tim has proven himself over and over again, both as a guardian of Gotham as well as a team leader, friend, son and student. Robin functions both independently and dependently. He now has his own car, the Redbird, as well as a souped up motocross bike. He now works with all the members of the Bat Family, and is quite close to Nightwing.

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