Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Typical
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Excellent

Health 24
Karma 36
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Remnant has no obvious natural powers, but may have unconscious magical or super powers. If magical, consider them forms of enchantment specifically oriented toward manipulating cloth. If treated as super powers, consider them forms of Matter Control and Power Creation, specifically directed toward manipulating his special cloth.


Magical Fabric: This multipurpose fabric is the key to Remnant’s powers. It is a maroon cloth of possibly infinite supply. The fabric has the potential to develop one of a variety of powers. By choosing a length of fabric, then cutting and sewing it into shape, Remnant can cause that piece to have a specific power. Evidently the cloth responds to Remnant’s mental commands. It is not known how wide a variety of effects Remnant can gain with his cloth, but he is extremely ingenius. Past examples of his special cloth include:
Flying Carpets: These are various rugs able to carry different passenger loads. A one-passenger rug flies at Poor speed. Two to four passenger rugs travel at Feeble speed. Larger rugs travel at proportionally slower speeds. The rugs are controlled by Remnant’s mental commands.
Concussion Grenades- These are napkin size swatches thrown a maximum of one area. They do Good stunning damage to everyone wihin a 10′ radius. Bindings- Each binding is a 20′ strip of cloth that ensnares a target with Excellent strength.
Cages: These are nonflying rugs that can surround 1-4 victims in a bundle of Excellent material strength.
Punchers: These are napkin size swatches thrown up to one area. Each does the equivalent of an Excellent blow to a single target.
Whips: These are 6′ strips that are used like normal whips. They strike for Poor damage. If they strike a target, an Agility feat twists them around the target for one turn. This permits Remnant to pull people over to him, yank weapons from opponents and so on.
Bottomless Pocket: This is a pocket dimension sewn into the left leg of Remnant’s costume. The exact size of the pocket is unknown. Remnant can store his supply of magic fabric here, as well as previously sewn items and more mundane materials. Searching the pocket and removing the desired item takes 1-4 turns. The bottomless pocket may in some way be similar to Shaman’s medicine pouch. If so, turning his pocket inside-out may have disastrous consequences.






A longtime foe of Nighthawk, he is a eccentric man with a bizarre appearance, and considers himself an amiable society-mocking lunatic. He disliked the newer, more savage super-villains of the now-disbanded Institute of Evil and prefers the company of established, “gentler” villains like Pinball and Mink. How he got his magic cloth and bottomless pocket remains a mystery.

Remnant was bright enough to realize that society was turning against him when the Utopia Program was introduced. He has a preference for places and targets whose names or natures are somehow related to cloth.

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