Fighting Unearthly
Agility Amazing
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Remarkable

Health 325
Karma 90
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -20


Power Cosmic: Redshift has the ability to gather, channel and manipulate vast quantities of Cosmic Energies with Monstrous ability. Red Shift may perform the following powers using the Power Cosmic:
Electro-Magnetic Manipulation: Red Shift can emit and control the energies that make up the Universal Electro-Magnetic Spectrum at Monstrous level.
Space Manipulation: Red Shift may warp space or shrink space, expand it and wrap it around himself with Amazing ability.
Attack Portals: can open up a special portal into a particularly harmful location. This portal is extremely short lived, remaining open for only about a millisecond or so, but this is enough to inflict power rank damage to the target. The type of damage inflicted depends entirely on the place the attack portal opens up into.
Defensive Portals: can open up special dimensional portals, portals he can use to shunt the energy of incoming attacks away from himself. Only energy will pass through this portal, not matter, so a defensive portal lined up to absorb blasts of radiation completely shunts the attack, while a hailstorm of bullets will simply drop to the ground in front of the portal, all their kinetic energy spent. Defensive portals provides power rank defense against direct energy attacks, though they are -1CS against attacks delivered through a physical medium. This can also be used to redirect an incoming attack through another portal, allowing the character to hit his attacker or another target with the same attack.
Dimensional Interface: can form their bodies into a one-way portal from some other reality, through which they can channel extra-dimensional energies or materials naturally occurring there. The amount of energy that can be channeled at once is equal to the power rank, inflicting that much damage with each attack. The type of damage done by such attacks depends on what is channeled by this power.
Gravity Manipulation: He may alter the flow of the forces of gravity itself, altering the intensity of gravity relative to either himself or others at Monstrous intensity
Gravity Warp: can bend space in odd ways, ways that can alter the flow of the forces of gravity itself. In game terms, he can alter the intensity of gravity relative to either his self or others. This lends itself to a number of neat tricks, some of which are presented here:
Attraction: by boosting the forces of attraction between the character and another object, he can cause both of them to move towards each other. Usually, the lighter object will ‘fall’ towards the heavier one. For example, using this trick on an opponent’s gun can pull it away as if he, in this case, had power rank telekinesis. However, if he uses this stunt on a building, he will similarly fall towards it as if he had been dropped on it from overhead.
Gravity Well: By drastically increasing the gravitational forces generated by a character or an object, he can turn it into a ‘magnet’ for every object within a number of yards equal to the power rank. Living targets can resist this trick by passing an End (res) FEAT against the power rank. Failure indicates that every object not nailed down within the affected area will ‘fall’ onto the victim, inflicting a total amount of damage that is determined by what ‘falls’ onto him.
Immobilization: By raising the intensity of a planet’s pull of gravity on a body will force a body to pass a Str (lwr) FEAT roll versus the power rank in order to keep moving, or to even keep standing, if the force is strong enough.
Plane Shift – can use this trick to shift the plane of gravity as it applies to objects that are affected by the gravity field that is altered. This trick affects a chunk of space within a number of yards equal to the power rank number. For example, on a planetary body, he can change gravity’s pull within an area to make things attracted to it fall sideways or even up. This alters the course of a battle considerably, making things quite interesting in a fight.
Weightlessness – lowering the intensity of gravity doesn’t allow a body to fly, per se, but can lessen the difficulty of walking around somewhat; an affected character can walk, run, or leap as if his Strength score were +2CS.
Self-Sustenance: Redshift can convert Cosmic radiation into life-sustaining energy, thus freeing him from the need to breathe, drink, or eat. He can survive the rigors of deep space unaided.
True Invulnerability: Unearthly
Life Detection: He has Class 1000 range (5 light years).
True Flight: Red Shift may attain Class 1000 speed in space.
Gateway: After attaining maximum flight velocity Red Shift may open a gateway capable of traversing the Galaxy with Class 3000 ability.


The Cosmic Swords: Made from Class 1000 material Redshift wields 2 swords, that are capable of enhancing his cosmic powers +1CS when channelled through his weapons. One sword is red and the other blue, representing how light is perceived over vast distances. When traveling away from us they appear red, while heading toward us look blue. Red Shift uses his swords to create portals, but if used to attack could cause Unearthly edged damage.


Weapon Specialist: Swords, Astro-Navigation




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