Red Tornado

John Smith

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Incredible
Endurance Amazing
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 160
Karma 40
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Body Resistance: Remarkable protection from physical and energy damage.
Self Sustenance: As an android he does not eat, breathe or require sleep.
Telescopic Vision: Excellent
Air Control: has Monstrous control over the flow of air and other gases. Power stunts include:
Create Monstrous strength winds, cyclones etc.
Hurricane Area Attack: Unearthly damage to the target area. -1CS each addional area outward.
Hurl mini Tornado’s for Amazing force damage (as per kinetic bolt) at a range of 20 areas.
Airshield provides Amazing protection against physical attacks.
Flight: By generating a mini-hurricane around himself he can move at Amazing land speeds
Grappling: By centering a mini hurricane on a target he can “tie them up”. This is treated as an Amazing intensity Grapple.
Air Disruption: Flying opponents must make an Agility FEAT roll to remain airborne. Gliding opponents must make a Red FEAT.
Air Constructs: He can solidify gases to create solid constructs such as barriers, cages, rings etc with Incredible material strength. Only 1 effect can be created per round, but he can maintain up to 3 existing effects by making a sucessful psyche FEAT roll.
Implosion: may create a vacuum and force air back in forcing an implosion to occur. This effects an outward virbratory explosion for Amazing damage to everything within the same area. Monstrous damage at the core.

Special Note: These stats do not reflect the Red Tornado Air Elemental, the Red Tornado from Primal Force or any other Red Tornado since the first incarnation.


Computers, Electronics, Repair/Tinker, Leadership


Justice League, Young Justice, Teen Titans


Created by T.O. Morrow, Red Tornado was designed as an agent of evil. But T.O. Morrow’s design of Red Tornado to be “almost human” was done so well that Red Tornado willed himself to fight for humanity alongside Earth’s heroes. With the desire to find his own humanity, Red Tornado became a noble soldier and succeeded in learning how to care, and love. He assumed the human guise of John Smith and married Kathy Sutton and adopted her daughter Traya.

He joined the Justice League of America and gave his life up to save a great number of people. He was rebuilt, but was unable to love, leaving Kathy and Traya yet again. When he discovered he could not love anymore he exiled himself to the secret JLA headquarters in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island and remained there for some time inanimate. During this time he fell in a sort of dolldrum and literally stood there feeling sorry for himself. Robin, Superboy, and Impulse arrived at the cave and decided to form a new superhero team, Young Justice.

Red Tornado finally made his presence known to the three and decided to attempt to regain his humanity one step at a time, by first becoming the boys’ adult supervisor for the team. He hopes to teach the team the how to in being a hero and at the same time re-enter society and perhaps even the hearts of those he loved once.

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