Red Skull

Red Skull
Johann Schmidt

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Remarkable

Health 140
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity -10



Special: After exposure to the cosmic cube Red Skull gained the Class 1000 Reality Alteration ability. He could do almost anything his mind desires due to exposure to the Cosmic Cube. These are a few stunts he used:

True Flight: Shift-X
Reshape Molicules: Shift-X
Force Field: Unearthly vs. Energy, Physical, Shooting and Edge damage
Teleport: Class 1000, anywhere he pleases
Mind Control: Amazing
He No longer possesses this power.


Body Armor: Provides Remarkable protection from physical and energy damage.
Gun: Remarkable damage
Nanites: Monstrous Mind Control when placed on forehead. Must make a Monstrous Psyche FEAT vs. mind control. Can be burned out of system or by electromagnetic pulse.
Dust of Death: Remarkable intensity poison that caused those failing an Endurance FEAT to die, with their heads changing to resemble a red skull. He could fire the dust in a pellet form from a specially designed handgun.
Pre-programmed war machines: “Sleepers”, created by the Third Reich to be used against their allies in the event of their defeat. These machines, which were controlled by the Red Skull for his plans of world conquest, have Monstrous physical stats and Incredible material strength.


All Martial Arts, Leadership, Military


Skeleton Crew, AIM, Taskmaster, Crossbones, Hate-Monger


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