Red Ronin

Red Ronin
Dr Earl Cowan

Fighting Excellent
Agility Typical
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Typical
Psyche Poor

Health 176
Karma 40
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -5


Robotic Body: The Red Ronin automation is a huge robot. It stands over 100 fet tall making it +3CS to hit. The robot is controlled cybernetically and possesses the mental statistics of it’s operator. The user sits in a control cabin within the head and mentally directs the robots actions. Access to Red Ronin is by hatches in the feet or an emergency hatch in the rear of it’s head.
Solar Blade: Red Ronin wields a solar blade from his shield that can do Monstrous energy damage. It has no range however does extend out 3 areas.
Gatling Laser: Red Ronin can use his shield to project laser beams capable of Amazing damage wto a range of upto 10 areas.
Shield: The shield, as well as performing the above can generate a magnetic field giving him Remarakble protection angainst energy attacks. It can also be thrown upto 2 areas away and can inflict Monstrous Thrown, blunt damage.
Power Blaster: His left gauntlet is capable of firing an electron beam doing Incredible damage.
Body Armor: It has Monstrous protection against physical and energy attacks.
Movement: The robot can move at Typical land speed or fly at Excellent airspeed.


Electronics, Physics, Computers




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