Fighting Poor
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 50
Karma 110
Resources Good
Popularity 10


Emotion Control: After an encounter with Brother Blood, Raven was able to change the emotions of others with Incredible efficiency.
Bio-Physical Control -Damage Transferral: Raven was also able to heal anyone she came in contact with, absorbing the injury into her, then expelling it from herself with Unearthly ability.
Empathy: Raven was an empath, being able to sense the emotions of others around her with Amazing ability.
Teleportation: Raven possesed the Monstrous ability to teleport to any location including other dimensions.
Astral Projection–Soul Self: Raven is also able to create a soul-self, a large bird-shaped shadow that could subdue villains, or protect friends with Incredible ability. After she was changed by the Trigon Seed, her soul-self no longer looked like a bird, but instead a large figure.
Force Field: Monstrous
Mental Blast: Incredible
Shadowcasting: Incredible
Regeneration: Remarkable
Free Spirit: Incredible
Hallucinations: Amazing


Occult Lore, Mystic Lore, Medicine, Psychiatry, Trance, Resist Domination


Outsiders, Titans


Raven is the daughter of Arella and Trigon, the latter being a demon from another dimension. Born in the dimension Azarath where her mother had lived while pregnant with her, Raven was taught by the goddess Azar herself, showing Raven how to control her emotions very carefully, to never let the side of Trigon out. Raven was also taught pacifism, she acquired the ability to heal others, absorbing their pain, and how to instantly teleport to any location. When Azar died a few years later, she gave Raven her rings to remember her lessons.

Months later, Raven met Trigon, as he attempted to ring his daughter to his side. Arella interfered, but was unable to help as a ray from Trigon aged her. Raven fought against joining her father, acknowledging though that she is Trigon’s daughter, as she and Arella escaped. Years later, Raven went to Earth, and attempted to talk to the Justice League for help in fighting her father. A member of the league, Zatanna, sensed Trigon’s presence in Raven though, and gathering a group of heroes together to fight with her against Trigon. Raven summoned Wonder Girl, Robin, Changeling, Cyborg, and brought Kid Flash out of retirement. Raven helped the heroes rescue the alien Starfire, bringing her also into the group.

As the new Teen Titans, the heroes defeated Trigon, and fought against various other villains. Raven’s power was questioned when Brother Blood walked through her soul-self unaffected. Raven also consistantly fought against her father’s influence inside her. On occasion she would lash out at others, including her friends, when her emotions ran wild. Raven would quickly heal her friends, then disappear from the area, reappearing in an isloated dimension where she could meditate on her actions.

At one time, Trigon’s influence took over Raven entirely, changing her appearance. The Titans were worried about her recent disappearance. In an attempt to find her, they were transported to the dimension of Azarath, where the city was in the process of being destroyed by Trigon’s powers. Unable to stop the destruction, the dimension of Azarath was destroyed, along with everyone there. Raven returned to Earth with red skin, and 4 eyes. After Raven appeared in that state, her father Trigon appeared soon afterards. The two took over a portion of New York, absorbing the souls of everyone living there. The Titans returned to Earth them and attempted to stop Raven and Trigon. During the conflict, the Titans themselves were possesed by Trigon, their evil side coming out. Instead of working with Trigon, they attacked Raven, seemingly killing her. The Titans, along with the souls of Azarath who had possesed a visiting Lilith, defeated Trigon once and for all. Raven disappeared soon after the fight.

After the fight with Trigon, Raven was somehow transported to Alabama, where she fell from the skies above a local farmers land. Taken to a hospital, Raven quickly healed, and then began healing the other residents of the hospital. She left there soon afterwards, arriving in a Louisiana leper colony, where the inhabitants forced Raven to heal each and everyone of them. When Arella arrived to see a weakened Raven tied to a stake, a small group from the church of Brother Blood also arrived, kidnapping both Raven and Arella.

The Church of Brother Blood brought both Raven and Arella to Zandia, where behind the scenes, Mother Mayhem took the weakened Raven, and brainwashed her to their cause. Raven appeared on public television, denouncing the Titan’s attacks on Brother Blood. Raven also went to and stayed at Brother Blood’s side, after his staged resurrection. The Titans, with the help of Flash, and Francis Kane, managed to rescue Raven, and stop Brother Blood once and for all. A side effect of her time with Brother Blood changed Raven, in that her costume was now all white, and she was able to project and change the emotions of others.

After dealing with Brother Blood, Raven’s emotions ran rampant. She believed that Nightwing loved her, and also caused him to kiss her, feeding these thoughts within her. Starfire took Raven away from the Titans, and helped her sort through her emotions. Raven continued to help the Titans through their adventures, helping them fight against Sparta and restore the Titans of Myth their powers. Raven also enountered Eric Forrester, an electronic vampire who lived off emotions of women. Raven barely escaped Eric with the help of Joe Wilson.

On the night of the Titans 10th anniversary celebration, Raven encountered Emil Zorda, a cannibal/serial killer consumed with evil. Raven stopped Emil, only to be captured by the Wildebeest. Raven remained a captive of the Wildebeest until she was freed by Nightwing, Pantha, Phantasm, Troia, her mother Arella, and Deathstroke. Raven and other captive Titans were then possessed by the Souls of Azarath. The Souls of Azarath was a conglomeration of all the people that lived in the dimension Azarath until their death at the hands of Trigon. The Souls gathered together to fight Trigon, and with the death of Trigon, seemingly died. Instead, a portion of Trigon’s soul was absorbed, and the Souls went into Joe Wilson, and remained there for years. When Joe was killed by his father, the Terminator, the Souls went rampant, possessing various Titans. Finally, they left the Titans, and collected into Raven. With Trigon’s power now within her, Raven began the transformation back into the demon she became previously with her father. Only Danny Chase and Arella defeated Raven, due to the fact that Arella carried within her the soul of Azar, the goddess of Azarath. With the power from Azar, Raven died.

Instead of dying entirely, only Raven’s body was destroyed. Her soul-self still alive, Raven floated through the remains of Azarath. Since the Souls of Azarath had been destroyed, Trigon’s soul was free, and therefore entered her soul. Now tainted, Raven’s corrupt soul traveled to Earth, possessing a young woman, and taking over her body. Raven had been reborn, her body and soul pure evil, like her father. Raven took control of the Nightwing from the Team Titans future, changing him in to Deathwing. She then attacked Dick Grayson and Koriand’r at their wedding, feeding Starfire a portion of her soul.

Raven quickly left afterwards, planning and schemeing. A few weeks later, she attacked Changeling and infected him with a portion of her souls, called ‘Trigon’s Seed’. Raven also attacked and possessed Thunder, Lightning, Frances Kane, and Supergirl. Those 4, along with Deathwing and two other people, gathered souls for Raven, taking the strong body’s as a container for the Trigon Seeds. Phantasm was able to free Supergirl from Raven’s hold, and the new team of Titans fought against Raven, defeating her again.

After this defeat, a recuperating Raven sent her soulself searching for Starfire. Finding her on her home planet, Raven plotted a scheme to collect all of the Trigon Seeds to recreate Trigon one last time. Raven worked with the Psions who managed to capture Starfire and her sister Blackfire. The Psions sent a distress signal through space, which was intercepted by the Technis, who had with them Victor Stone. Victor Stone brought the Titans, Starfire, Blackfire, and the captured Changeling to Tamaran, where Raven kidnapped Changeling and Starfire. Raven took the Trigon Seed out of Changeling, and revealed to Starfire that the seed she implanted into her was not a seed, but the remaining good portion of her soul. The Titans then attacked Raven, freeing Starfire and Changeling. Starfire attacked Raven alone, revealing that it isn’t Trigon’s children that were the seeds, instead it was his genetic code, so that he could be reborn. Raven’s second body was destroyed, leaving only her soul, a pure white figure. Raven, purified of Trigon, decided to stay with Starfire on New Tamaran.

Months later, from distant outer space, Starfire witnessed the Sun Eater destroy New Tamaran. By this time both Starfire and Raven had returned to Earth.

Still existing as a disembodied soul, Raven occasionally helps out the Titans when she is most needed.

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