Gustav Krueger

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Excellent
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 60
Karma 22
Resources Good
Popularity -3


Bionic Tail: Rattlers tails is a bionic implant of unknown origin. The tails has Remarkable strength and Rattler can do Remarkable blunt damage. In addition it may also generate sonic vibrations waves of Remarkable intensity. Used offensively the sonic waves strike for Remarkable force, breaking down materials of lesser strength. The vibrations can disrupt living and non-living alike. Living targets must make an endurance FEAT against Remarkable intensity or be stunned for 1-10 rounds. Even if the FEAT is made all actions are reduced -1CS due to vertigo. Rattler can also use these waves to setup a vibrational shockwave that will deflect missile weapons, including bullets, acting as a Remarkable strength force field. The field protects all in the same area as Rattler, who has no control over who his field protects.
Deaf: Rattler is 85% deaf in both ears. An electronic hearing aid in his cowl provides him with normal hearing.




Serpent Society


The Rattler joined the Serpent Society early in its career, and participated in many of its most succesful operations, including the hunt for Modok ; however, when the Viper took over the Society, he sided with her without an hesitation. He was back in the Society when the Cobra took over it, and his first known op after being back was to liberate various mystical objects along with other members, a mission paid for by Ghaur and Llyra. He is still a Society member.

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