Identity: Wendell Elvis Vaughn

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Monstrous

Health 60
Karma 115
Resources Good
Popularity 20



Quantum Bands: Quasar weilds a pair of Quantum bands made of Unearthly material. The bands absorb solar radiation and transform it into powers and enhanced Abilities for the wearer. Quasar can use them to weild the following powers:

Electromagnetic Energy Generation and Manipulation: Unearthly ability to emit and control ALL energies within the electro-magnetic spectrum.
Energy Identification/Tracking: Monstrous rank identification and Class 1000 tracking of energy patterns
Energy Siphon: Monstrous absorbtion of energy
Flight: Quasar can fly at Shift-Y speed in the atmosphere, and Class 3000 speed in interplanetary space.
Force Blast: Monstrous intensity
Force Field: Monstrous rank energy sheath, 1 area
Energy Absorbtion: Quasar has preprogrammed the bands to be sensitive to incoming energy fluctuations of sufficient power to do him harm and automatically absorb upto Shift-Y intensity.
Energy Drain: If it appears that an opponent has energy-based powers, Quasar taps those powers and drains them off at the rate of Unearthly rank per round. The length of time this takes depends on the extent of the menace’s power.
Life Support: The bands provide unlimited Life Support functions enabling Quasar to remain in deep space indefinately.
Light Burst: Monstrous rank blinding attack. Anyone within two areas, must make an Intuition FEAT or suffer 1-5 rounds of blindness.
Quantum Constructs: The bands can emit objects of “solid” light. The objects are shaped by Quasar’s imagination and can be used to create a variety of useful shapes, such as weapons, shields, cages, and aerodynamic designs. The objects have Monstrous Material strength and do Monstrous damage if used as weapons. If the force is used as shields, Quasar can block up to three separate attacks at Monstrous power level and will automatically win initiative against any such attacker the next round. Once an object is created, it is no longer dependent upon Quasar’s consciousness or will power to remain in existence. If he is knocked out, the construct will just remain floating there. He can mentally embed a self-destruct timer into a construct at the time of construction, causing it to dissolve at an appointed time.
Quantum Jump: The bands can create warps into the “Quantum Zone”, a realm of unknown sub-atomic particles providing the equivilent of Class 5000 teleportation.
True Invulnerability: The bands give the wearer Unearthly invulnerability to all forms of damage with the exception of mental and magical attacks.


Espionage, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts A and B, Weapon Specialist: Quantum Bands




Wendell’s dad, a SHIELD scientist, was given the opportunity to test the unique “quantum bands” worn by the first Marvel Boy after the hero died. About the same time, Wendell, fresh from the SHIELD training academy, was assigned to guard the Stark International installation where the bands were being tested. When the terrorist scientist orgainization AIM attacked the installation, Wendell put on the quantum bands to help defeat AIM. The bands permanently affixed themselves to Wendell’s wrists, and he became Marvel Man, joining SHEILD’s “super agent” team.

Later,when the super-agent program became defunct, Wendell changed his code name to Quasar, became a freelance hero, and was hired as a security guard for the government’s experimental energy facility Project: Pegasus. During one of many security breaches, Quasar fell prey to the mental domination of the world-conquering Serpent Crown, and quit, feeling responsible for the crisis.

Retuning home, his father convinced Quasar to investigate the quantum band’s origins on the planet Uransu. There, he was contacted by cosmic entity Eon to become the next Protector of the Universe and to prepare himself for a mega-villain that could destroy all reality.

About this time, Quasar joined the premier super hero team, the Avengers, and set up a security consultant firm in his secret identity. The mega-villain ended up being Maelstrom, and Quasar ultimately defeated him, but not before Eon was murdered by Maelstrom. Eon was replaced by an offspring, Epoch, and Quasar now helps to mentor it as it develops its role as an abstract entity.

Later, Quasar has met and courted the woman Kismet, fought the villain the Presence, been banished from Earth by the same guy, and even breifly joined a group called Star Masters.

Aside from occaisonal team-ups with other heroes, (having apparently resolved his banishment from Earth,) Quasar continues with his security consultant firm and duites as Protector of the Universe.

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