Fighting Excellent

Agility Excellent
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 215
Karma 18
Resources Feeble
Popularity -5


Quantum’s power derives from the attraction between particles in an atom’s nucleus. This gives him the following abilities:
Body Resistance: Quantum’s super-hard skin provides him with Amazing protection against physical and energy damage.
Flight: Quantum can fly at Shift-Y air speed in atmosphere and attain Class 3000 speeds in the vacuum of space.
Flame Sheath: When flying, Quantum generates an aura of Incredible Intensity flames around his body.
Hyper-Teleportation: Quantum has the power to occupy multiple positions in space at nearly the same In effect, he can teleport with great rapidity back and forth among many different locations, remaining in one spot for a mere fraction of a second. Due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, a human observer sees Quantum appear in many different positions simultaneously, and may mistakenly assumed that Quantum has created duplicates of himself. Though he possesses this ability at Monstrous rank, Quantum can teleport himself only a maximum of six inches away from his previous position.
Invulnerability: Quantum possesses Class 1000 resistance to heat and gravitational forces.
Life Support: With this power at Shift-Z rank, Quantum can survive in hostile environments indefinitely without requiring food, water, or air.


Darkness negates Quantum’s Hyper-Teleportation power and renders him unconscious for 1-10 turns if he fails a Red Endurance FEAT.




Aquarian, Graviton


The being known as Quantum was an alien soldier who was elected by his planet’s government to serve as subjects in an experiment with Earth’s sun, whose energy reacted with the Dakkamite pysiology to produce super-enhanced results. As part of the experiment, Quantum, with others, were placed in incubators and set to orbit the Earth’s sun. Upon awakening, Quantum realized he was alone, and spent his time searching for what happened to his comrades, whom he called “the Elect.”.

The search led Quantum to answer a call to join the villain Graviton who wanted to rule the world. They were stopped by the West Coast Avengers.

Later, Quasar happened upon Quantum when investigating extraterrestrial activity on Earth. They both encountered the pacifist alien known as Aquarian, and it was revealed that Aquarian is also a Dakkamite, but from the renegade house of Zeneg. During battle with Quasar, Quantum was stuck in an intangible state, and rather than accept help from Aquarian, Quantum fled.

Quantum appeared as a captive of the Stranger’s planet. His ultimate fate remains to be revealed.

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