St. John Allerdyce

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 56
Karma 26
Resources Poor
Popularity -15


Invulnerability: Pyro has Class 1000 resistance to fire under his control, but no resistance to flames not under his control or controlled by others.
Fire Control: Pyro has Incredible ability to control flame. He can perform the following stunts:
Form rings, prison, and other restraining devices of up to Incredible intensity.
Fire jets of flame at a range of 4 areas with Incredible damage.
Create flame creatures with Incredible, F,A,S,E. scores. Such creatures inflict Monstrous damage to flammible targets, and Good damage to non-flamible targets.
Dampen flames with Incredible ability.


Costume: Pyro’s costume grants him Amazing protection against flame and Heat.
Flamethrower: Pyro cannot create flame. to compensate he carries a backpack flamethrower which shoots Remarkable intensity fire from his wrists to a range of 2 areas. The backpack has Incredible material strength.




Freedom Force, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants III, IV, Strikeforce


St. John Allerdyce was born and raised in Australia. His powers emerged at puberty, but since he could not think of a way to use them for profit, for years he did not use them except in emergencies. For a time, Allerdyce drifted from job to job around the South Seas. Eventually, he became a journalist for an Australian wire service and covered Viet Nam and Indonesia. What he saw and experienced in his travels became the basis for novels he began writing. Allerdyce’s novels were despised by serious novelists and the critics, but they found wide readership throughout the English-speaking world. Under circumstances that have yet to be revealed, Allerdyce met the mutant called Mystique, who learned of his mutant powers. As a result, Allerdyce joined her new version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under the name of Pyro.

Months later, Mystique’s Brotherhood, renamed Freedom Force, entered the employ of the United States government, which pardoned its members for their past crimes. After several missions for Freedom Force, which brought Allerdyce and his comrades into conflict with various super powered crimefighters, the U.S. government disbanded the group.

Pyro resurfaced as a member of another version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, headed up the X-Men’s old foe (and member of the original Brotherhood) the Toad. This group went up against the fledgling mutant team X-Force and met defeat.

Recently, Pyro discovered that he had contracted the Legacy Virus, a terminal illness that affects mutants. (One effect of the Virus is that Pyro now seems to be unable to shut off completely any flames that may surround his body.) At first he sought help from the millionaire Jonathan Chambers, alias Empyrean, but Chambers was using his own powers to drain Pyro’s energies. Wanting to go out in a blaze of glory rather than die a slow death in bed, Pyro committed a spectacular crime that brought him into conflict with the costumed crimefighter Daredevil. Pyro narrowly escaped being killed in a burning building at the end of this encounter. Mystique later recruited Pyro to prevent the assassination of her son, Presidential candidate Graydon Creed, but he failed.

Recently, Pyro robbed a New York City bank to get money to pay a scientist who claimed he could cure him by removing his mutant genes. In the course of the robbery Pyro was shot several times in the abdomen. He was taken to a nearby hospital where Dr. Cecilia Reyes, a surgeon who was a mutant and had recently joined the X-Men, operated on him. Shortly afterwards, Pyro tricked Dr. Reyes into loosening his bonds and he escaped. Pyro remains at large.

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