Identity: Monica Rambeau

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 90
Karma 30
Resources Excellent
Popularity 20


True Flight: Unearthly
Lightning Speed: Shift-X, 5 areas/round
Energy Blasts: Monica may project concentrated blasts of Force or Energy of up to Monstrous strength.
Force Field: Monstrous protection. The force field can be personal or made up to 1 area across.
Body Transformation- Energy: Monica can transform her entire body into any form of energy that comprises the electro-magnetic spectrum including visible
light, cosmic radiation, gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, neutrinos, and microwaves and radio waves, She may perform a number of Power stunts at up to Unearthly ability with these transformations, including:
Light of Unearthly Intensity
lnvisibility of Unearthly rank
Projection of intangible illusions of herself
Transmitting radio messages without a set
Overloading sensor devices with Unearthly ability
Passing through objects as X-rays with Unearthly ability (may be blocked by force fields) While in energy form Monica may not be harmed by physical attacks, but may be hurt by magical attacks, psionic attacks, and energy attacks of the same type as her current energy state, She may shift energy states at will.
Flight: While in her energy state, Monica can travel at Class 3000 (near light) speeds, She may move up to 50 areas in a round, but attacking still takes a round.


Law Enforcement, Marksmanship, Martial Arts A B and E, Multi-Lingual




Monica Rambeau was a capable woman who grew up from a loving couple in New Orleans. Her father a firefighter, Monica herself became a policewoman and sailor in Louisiana’s Harbor Patrol. On one such case, Monica went undercover to expose a crime lord, who was at the time experimenting with an energy weapon that would harness energy from another dimension. Monica busted the crime boss and smashed the energy portal only to be bathed in its rays and being transformed into a super hero.

As Captain Marvel, she soon contacted the Avengers and became one of their first members-in-training, serving a long time with the team and becoming a capable member in her own right. Captain America even nominated her for chairman, which she eventually accepted.

Unfortunately, shortly after becoming Avengers’ chair, Monica apparently died when trying to transform into enough energy to subdue Marrina’s crazed “Leviathan” form. Actually, she had dispersed herself so much that it took her a whole day to literally pull herself together, finding herself withered, thin, and powerless. It took her a long time to recuperate, taking her away from Avengers’ duties.

During this recuperation, she relocated to New Orleans again and found work as a ship’s captain for a friend’s shipping company. Here, her powers emerged enough to allow her to save the ship from terrorist take-over and to stop the plans of Brazilian crime lord Kristina Ramos. She even served as an Avenger reserve in this capacity. She apparently continues as manager and captain of the shipping line to this day.

Later, under the influence of the criminal Controller, Monica was duped into fighting the son of Captain Mar-Vell, at which point she released the name “Captain Marvel” to its “heir,” opting for the name “Photon” for herself.

More recently, Genis, physically and metally transformed after a near-death experience and wanting to establish a new identity for himself started calling himself Photon. Monica confronted him and after a discussion she let him keep the Photon alias, opting herself to use the name Pulsar, which she liked better anyway.

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