Identity: Eugene Milton Judd

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 100
Karma 46
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 5


Body Resistance: Incredible


Tumbling, Acrobatics, Occult Lore, Martial Arts B,C,D, Detective/Espionage, Various languages including Chinese

Special – Spinning Attack: Puck can charge an opponent with Amazing ability inflicting Excellent damage. He also counts as dodging while making this attack


Alpha Flight, Wolverine


Judd, born in 1914, was an athletic giant who became a soldier of fortune. One night of 1939, he attempted to steal the mystical Black Blade of Baghdad and fought Razer, the demon/sorcerer in the sword. During the fight, Judd was mystically reduced to a size of 3’6″, but managed to imprison Razer in his own soul. The presence of Razer in his body rendered him immortal, although in near-constant pain.

What happened between the 40’s and now is mostly unknown (he was in Spain with Hemingway, though) ; it would appear that he served as an intelligence operative for the Canadian government, and possibly other agencies, and met Wolverine and the Black Widow during this time. In the 80’s James McDonald Hudson, a.k.a. Guardian, got Judd out of a Canadian jail, where he apparently was held due to a murder. Although not a super-human, Judd was recruited by Hudson, who made him promise he would not kill again.

Judd worked for Alpha Flight as a core team member under the name “Puck”. Eventually Razer was released from Puck’s body permanently when Judd came in contact with the Firefountain of Svartalfheim. Reverting to old age, Judd was transported to Tibet by Loki, who was trying to win the favor of They Who Sit Above in Shadow. Once there, Judd decided to try and find adventure on other planes of existence. To do so he sought out the High Llama of a Buddhist temple, a renowned mystic. However, he did so as the Chinese military was attacking the temple. In the confusion the Llama offered Judd a choice: go to other dimensions, or save his friends, who were trapped in the dimension of the Dreamqueen. Judd chose his friends, and was instrumental in the Dreamqueen’s defeat.

However, Judd was captured by the ‘Queen. She used her abilities to make him young once again and tortured him extensively. Then she abandoned him and attacked the Earth once more. She did not return. Judd remained stranded until Alpha passed through on their way home ; the being known as Llan the Sorcerer had trapped them in another dimension. Puck accompanied his friends back.

Once there, however, Puck began experiencing the effects of the Dreamqueen’s torture. While in the hospital, he was kidnapped by agents of the Master and used as a guinea pig for the Master’s genetic experiments. Using the Master’s equipment, Walter Langkowski was able to reverse most of the damage but the result was that Puck was once again a dwarf. However he was young, and super-humanly strong and tough. Since that time Judd has served Alpha Flight very capably, and was a member of Core Alpha until it disbanded.

When funding for Department H once again increased and its government-sponsored super hero teams were reinstated, he was once again recruited for Alpha Fight. His fellow team-members see him as the team’s heart and soul, and he views them in an almost fatherly fashion. He has noticed disturbing inconsistencies surrounding the reorganized Alpha Flight, however, and has begun to doubt his government’s true motives for reviving the group.

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