Identity: Hobie Brown

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 52
Karma 40
Resources Typical
Popularity 0




Claws: The Prowler wears gauntlets made of an Incredible strength rank material. He uses them to climb vertical stone and concrete surfaces (treat as Climbing with Good ability), leaving large holes where he has passed. The claws inflict Remarkable Edged damage.
Flechettes: The wrists of his gauntlets are capable of firing sharp-tipped, diamond shaped, metal flechettes. They inflict Good Ranged Edged damage. Hobie only fires one flechette per turn and seeks to disarm instead of kill.
Gas: The wrists of his gauntlets also contain gas canisters capable of firing a variety of gases including:
Remarkable potency knockout gas. Victims must make an Endurance FEAT or be knocked unconscious for 1-10 turns; a Red FEAT is required if Endurance is less than Remarkable, a Yellow FEAT if Endurance is Remarkable or higher.
Weakness gas that affects all stats by —1CS (health is not affected). An Endurance FEAT is required to resist, with the same modifiers as the knockout gas.
Compressed air blast (Remark able damage).
Obscuring fog in one area (—4CS to attempts to spot, fog lasts 1-10 turns). Prowler uses this to escape.


A powerful telepath can psionically contact and awaken Matthew’s personality, Matthew may battle Anthony for bodily control (using Psyche as a Slugfest attack).


Martial Arts B


Spider-Man, Silver Sable


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