Professor X

Professor X
Identity: Charles Francis Xaiver

Fighting Good
Agility Feeble
Strength Good
Endurance Good
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Monstrous

Health 32
Karma 125
Resources Good
Popularity 10


Telepathy: Unearthly
Mind Probe: Unearthly
Project Thought: Monstrous
Mental Command: Monstrous
Mental Bolts: Monstrous
Psionic Detection: Unearthly
Mind Wipe: Monstrous
Mental Invisibility: Unearthly
Mental Illusions: Unearthly
Power Detection: Automatically detect any superbeing within 4 areas
Mind Link: Monstrous ability to link up telepathically with up to 8 other people, allowing communication possible between the team. Should Professor X use another telepathic FEAT, it is dropped by -2CS.
Astral Body: Monstrous ability to send out an astral form with his consciousness


Hover Chair: Monstrous material, Typical landspeed, 3 area/round, has hover capabilities
All-Terrain Wheelchair: Monstrous material, Typical landspeed. Capable of traversing most terrain.


Xavier must make a Psyche FEAT to use his powers, with a -1 CS to for every rank of Psyche his target has over Typical (affecting someone with an Incredible Psyche would be done at -4CS.)
When in an area of overwhelming evil, his psionic powers drop -2CS due to his inability to concentrate.
Paralyzed, confinded to wheelchair or hoverchair depending on circumstances.


Business/Finance, Resist Domination, Computers, Physics, Leadership


X-Men, Muir Island, Lilandra


The full origin and early life of Charles Xavier remains to be revealed. As a young child, his father worked for a top secret research facility, perhaps tied into the Weopon X project that spawned such products as the mutant Wolverine. He died when Charles was still at an early age, and his mother remarried into the Marko family, and Charles was often abused by his older brother, Cain (later, the Juggernaut.)

Later, as an adult and fully aware of his abilities, Xavier wandered the world. He ran into Amahl Farouk, (later, the Shadow King,) when in Cairo, who tried to accost Xavier on the astral plane. After the intense battle, Xavier walked away, but Farouk was dead. Eventually, Xavier ended up in Israel, working with the Peace Corps. Briefly staying in the hospital, Xavier met and fell in love with his nurse, Gabrielle, who would later give birth to their son, David (later, Legion, ) unknown to Xavier. He also met and developed a friendship with fellow mutant, Eric Lensherr, who would eventually become his enemy Magneto. Later still, in the mountains of the Himalayas, Xavier encountered the alien calling himself Lucifer, who was in the process of dominating the world by broadcasting mental-dominating energies. Xavier defeated the alien, but was left without the use of his legs.

Soon, he also would meet and fall in love with Ameila Vought. Always wondering what to do with his abilities, Xavier would attempt to form the X-men in a School for Gifted Youngsters. For reasons of her own, Vought left Xavier before he began implementing the school. Xavier started with Jean Grey and soon developed a working team. He mentored their training and adventuring, while continually monitoring other mutant activitiy, whether or not they would join his “X-men” eventually. He also began creating a database of mutant sympathesizers in a type of “underground railroad.” Only once did he take a leave of absence from his students, battling another alien invasion attempt, and having the X-men’s former villain, the Changeling, take his place.

After several years, his original X-men were captured and it became necessary to activate several of the mutants he had been monitoring, creating a new X-men team. He mentored this team in much the same way as their predescors, and during one such adventure, encountering the alien Shi’ar, he met and fell in love with the Shi’ar Lilandra, although they would remain worlds apart for a while. On Earth, Xavier developed another team, focusing on younger ages, in creating the New Mutants. Soon after this, he was reunited with his mutant son, Legion, and attempted to rehabilitate him, but would ultimately fail.

Xavier was later contacted by the Shi’ar, and Lilandra asked for Xavier to return to her. He did, leaving the New Mutants in the care of the seemingly reformed Magneto and the X-men to the leadership of Storm. At some point, however, Xavier was captured and impersonated by a Skrull in the beginnings of a Skrull-Shi’ar war, which the X-men soon became involved in. Finally rescuing himself, Xavier helped defeat the Skrulls, revealing to the X-men his ability to walk again, due to Shi’ar science. He left with the X-men, returning to Earth just in time to fight the Shadow King. Although they defeated the Shadow King, Xavier was wounded once again, leaving him without the use of his legs.

Xavier continued to stand by his X-men, even when battling Magneto one more time. This time, Xavier reached into Magneto’s mind to shut it off, placing Magneto in a coma but preparing the way for a split personality to emerge in his own mind, which would eventually develop into Onslaught. After several series of adventures, Onslaught finally emerged, assuming a different form that effectively stripped Professor X of his powers. Once Onslaught was finally defeated, Xavier turned himself in for the crimes of his “other self,” and was soon put into custody and watched over by the mutant-hating Bastion. Bastion subtely tried pyschological torture on Xavier, trying to learn all of the X-men’s secrets, and even after Bastion’s attempt to destroy the X-men.

Xavier has since regained his powers.

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