Princess Python

Princess Python
Zelda DuBois

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 42
Karma 30
Resources Typical
Popularity -3


Snake Charming: Princess Python has a natural ability for training snakes. The Princess can, given 1-10 weeks of time, “train” a snake to do whatever she wishes that it is capable of doing. A trained snake can respond to non verbal or verbal cues from the Princess. Her snakes are instilled with such loyalty that they will attempt to protect her even if she is unconscious.
Snakes: Princess Python normally travels with and engages in crimes with a 25 ft rock python, typically having the following stats:
Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Excellent
Reason Feeble
Intuition Feeble
Psyche Feeble

Health 70
Karma 6
Such snakes are considered to have +1CS to their strength when grappling and escaping.


Dancing, Performer, Snake Handling


Circus of Crime, Serpent Society


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