Identity: Kevin Green

Fighting Incredible
Agility Amazing
Strength Shift-X
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Remarkable

Health 340
Karma 46
Resources Typical
Popularity 10


Body Alteration: Prime Skin
Provides Shift-Z protection vs Heat/Cold
Monstrous resistance vs Blunt, Edged, Shooting, Energy, Electricity, Force, and Radiation attacks.
Life Support: Unearthly
True Flight: Shift-X
Primal Force (a.k.a. Primal Rage Release): The stress of battle can trigger a dangerous chemical change in Prime’s ultrapowerful body. This manifests itself as a Shift-Z Force Blast that effects all persons or things within the same area that Prime is being attacked in. This can only happen once per day. Whenever this would happen in Prime’s early career his Prime skin would begin to peel and melt off of his body. Later he learned to control this by succeeding with Green Psyche FEAT at +2CS. If his Prime Skin does indeed “fall” off of him then his Secret I.D. might be revealed. (The melting is such a mess that no one can really tell what he looks like).
Shockwave: Aa a special tactic Prime will ‘SLAM’ his hands together to create an Unearthly shockwave that effects two areas with brute damage. He is careful not to put innocent bystanders in harms way, however.
Alter Ego:13 year old boy named Kevin Green. Kevin stats in his true form are:
Fighting Poor
Agility Typical
Strength Poor
Endurance Poor
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 18
Karma 22


Molting: Once per 7 days the Prime Skin becomes useless and melts off of Kevin’s body. He can reform new Prime Skin within 48 hours of meltdown. Now for Part Two of the Big Weakness: If Prime loses 250 health within a 10 turn period (one minute) his Prime Skin begins to become molecularly unstable and will begin to decompose. If Prime can make a Yellow Psyche FEAT he can hold it together. If however he fails, then he must totally rest for one hour inorder to “will” a new Prime Skin to form over his body.




Ultra-force, Spiderman


The most powerful man in the world…is a typical seventh grader. Kevin Green who has the power to transform himself into the massive Prime: ultrastrong, nearly invulnerable, able to fly, and—to the eyes of the world—adult! But if it takes enough of a pounding, the Prime body dissolves, leaving Kevin weak and naked. Learning how to control his new body and how to be an adult hero with a kid’s mind are challenges Kevin must face alone…or die trying.

Thanx to Secret Defender Inc. from the messageboard:

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