Identity: Alex Power

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 72
Karma 22
Resources Poor
Popularity 0


Gravity Control: Alex can negate or increase the effects of gravity with Monstrous Ability and Range. He may perform the following power stunts:
Increased Strength: Acts as Strength at Monstrous Rank, with no increase in Health Rank.
Levitation: Poor Flight. While in flight, Alex has Remarkable Agility for the purposes of maneuvering. Alex, unlike his siblings, can hover in place while using the Lightspeed ability.
Mass Control, Remarkable Ability
Dense Flesh: Remarkable Body Armor and Strength. While in this state, Alex shrinks to a size of 6″ and is a -3CS to be hit. Alex’s Health Score increases to 96 while in this state.
Cloud Form: Remarkable Body Armor vs. Physical and Energy Attacks. Alex cannot attack while in this form, but can move through openings and passages that others cannot. In this form, Powerhouse can move at 2 Areas per turn.
Energy Absorption: Monstrous Ability and Range. He may perform the following power stunts:
Disintegration: Alex can disintegrate living and non-living matter and absorbs ambient energy around him. While absorbing energy, Alex inflicts Good Damage to anyone holding him. The amount of energy that Alex absorbs is equal to the Material Strength of the objects absorbed (with a change in Health, Strength or Endurance Scores – up to Monstrous Rank). The absorbed energy fades at a rate of 5 points per turn. Alex cannot absorb additional energy until the previous energy has been dispersed.
Energy Blasts: Once energy is absorbed, Alex can use it to fire blasts of Excellent Damage up to 2 Areas away.
Illumination: While charged, Alex can illuminate an entire Area with light.


Astro-navigation, Student


Fantastic Four, New Warriors, Smartship Friday, Dakota North, X-Men, Thor


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