Identity: Lorna Dane

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 76
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Magnetism: Monstrous ability to control magnetic fields. She has the following established power stunts:
Monstrous damage to mechanical contructs
Manipulate ferrous objects with Monstrous strength
Attack by throwing metallic objects with Monstrous accuracy. Material strength damage.
Ensnare an opponent with metal objects.
Fly at Excellent airspeed
Force Field: Monstrous, Incredible at 1 area and -1CS each additional area.
Energy Control: Amazing damage up to 5 areas, Monstrous damage on touch.
Magnetic Detection: Incredible




X-Men, X-Factor, Marauders, Genoshan Cabinet, Shi’ar Hunters, The Twelve


Polaris first met the original X-Men as a foe, the pawn of Mesmero, who used his mind control ability to make her believe that Magneto was her father, and followed his plans as ordered. She overcame his control though, and after helping the X-Men defeat him, she joined up with the them alongside Havok whom she fell in love with. Never a major player, though, she remained mostly in the background until the fateful day the team encountered Krakoa. She was instrumental in ending the threat of the living island which temporarily captured the original X-Men, using her incredible control over magnetic force to hurl it into space. She and Havok departed with the rest of the original X-Men, save Cyclops, after they returned home from the adventure. Seeing that the new team of X-Men could fend for themselves, she returned to the normal life which she enjoys more than anything, but is still too often denied.

She and Havok remained apart from the team for a long time, trying to live their normal lives together, only with an occasional visit to the X-Men…it was not to last. When Havok left on what was intended to be a brief trip to set things straight with the X-Men, the Marauders attacked their home. Polaris defended herself valiantly, but in the end, the evil band of mutants were too much for her. She was captured and then possessed by an entity called Malice. Malice twisted the darkest part of her psyche, and took control of her. As Malice, Polaris led the Marauders for a time, battling against the X-Men and Havok himself with a bloodthirsty vengeance. She may never have escaped the evil entities grasp, if not for fate. While in the Savage Land, her previously unknown sister, the malicious Zaladane, stole Polaris’s power of magnetism right from her vessel. In the process, the entity Malice was destroyed. Stripped of her magnetic powers, Lorna’s secondary, latent mutant power began to manifest in the form of super strength and invulnerability. She became the powerhouse of the X-Men team for a time, but eventually, her magnetic mastery returned, and the secondary powers receded. Zaladane met her end some time later, at the hands of, ironically enough, Magneto.

Polaris stayed with the X-Men a bit longer following their tangle with the Shadow King and the return of her magnetic powers, but with the main X-Men team returned from the Siege Perilous, saw no further need for her presence there. With Cyclop’s and the other original X-Men rejoining their old team, a new group of mutants were brought together to fill out X-Factor, now under the reign of the government. Polaris joined the new X-Factor, alongside Havok once again. After nearly dying at the hands of Sabretooth, she seemed to be questioning her decision to remain with the team and Alex. Before she could reach a final conclusion, Alex was presumed killed in an explosion.

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