Eel O’Brien

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 50
Resources Good
Popularity 5


Shapechange: Eel has Monstrous ability to transform himself into anything he wants including mechanical items that function (Like tvs, planes, gliders, ceilng fan, etc) however retains his red and yellow costume motif.
Elongation: Monstrous, up to 1500 feet
Plasticity: Unearthly
Form a bouncing ball or coiled spring with Monstrous Agility and Good land speed.
Form a glider with Feeble airspeed
Form parachute for up to 4 people
Good disguise ability
Formless puddle to flow through almost any opening
Amazing ability to assume any geometric shape
Amazing ability to become as thin as paper
Grapple with Remarkable strength up to 4 targets
Body Armor: Eel malleable body provides protection from brute force energy attacks.
-5CS damage from blunt attacks
Remarkable vs. other physical attacks
Excellent vs. energy attacks
Immortality: Plasticman was shattered and survived for 3000 years on the ocean floor.

Plastic man sees everything like a cartoon. Plastic man has no toes. He is also a former criminal.


Detective, Guns, Criminal Underworld


Justice League, Woozy Winks


Growing up to a life of crime, the orphaned Eel O’Brien attempted to rob the Crawford Chemical Works and fell into a vat of chemicals after being shot by a security guard. Left to die by his fellow thieves, O’Brien escaped the factory and fled to a monastic mountain retreat called Resthaven. There the monks tended to his wounds. O’Brien impressed by the monks’ good will, decided to turn over a new leaf and forsake his former life. Discovering that the chemicals seeped into his wound left him with the superpower to stretch his body at will, O’Brien altered his appearance and adopted the identity of Plastic Man. With his power he can stretch any and all parts of his body, disguise his appearance, compress to paper-thinness or alter his shape to mimic other objects. Plastic Man is a freewheeling, shapeshifting, trickster god. Playful, carefree, and versatile , he is a hero for the sheer thrill of the challenge.

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