Identity: Unknown

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Remarkable

Health 32
Karma 56
Resources Poor
Popularity 0




Inflatable Suit: By pulling a ripcord he could inflate his suit to become a human pinball 7′ in diameter. Partial inflation took two seconds; in this form he resembled an incredibly obese man with stumpy arms and legs. He was normally able to move at a slow waddling speed and had Good body armor at this point. Full inflation took five seconds; in this form his arms and legs withdrew completely into the sphere, his head was locked in place and he gained full use of the suits abilities. Deflation occurred automatically if the suit was punctured. He could voluntarily vent the suit completely in 10 rounds.
Capsules stored within the suit provided the volatile, nonflammable gas for inflation; Pinball’s suit had room for six capsules. A pocket held a patch kit to repair punctures or leaks. Repairs took 10 minutes for each leak.
With full inflation, he was able to shift his weight to travel at Poor speed with acceleration at 2 mph per round. Steering was difficult at best; he could shift only 10 degrees per turn. Rebounding against an immovable object automatically changed his direction. A green agility FEAT roll enabled him to choose a specific direction, otherwise he simply vectored off in an uncontrolled flight. When hitting a human target, he did Excellent stunning damage if you failed a Agility feat.
He had Good protection vs. physical attacks. Falls of five stories or less he would bounce. He had to make a yellow Agility feat roll to avoid head injuries when bouncing this way. He would bounce 1-6 times per story fallen, with one bounce per turn even after his speed was reduced to zero.


Acrobatics, Balance, Inflation Devices


Redeemers, Institute of Evil


He was an obese man frequently mocked for his ball-like body. An inspired bit of inflatable engineering gave him the means to avenge himself against society. He was rejected by the Institute of Evil and was in near-retirement when the Squadron took over Earth-S. Pinball sought out his only friend, Remnant. Pinball went along with him when Nighthawk recruited him for the Redeemers.

During the final battle he was knocked out by Whizzer. The blow inflated the suit. Blue Eagle’s wings were renedered powerless by Lamprey and he thought the suit might cushion his fall. He was wrong, the crash proved fatal to both characters.

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