Phenotype in the latest version of his costume.

Secret Identity: Ian P. Crane
Origin: Induced Mutation
Ethnicity: Caucassian

  • Fighting: Excellent 16
  • Agility: Excellent 16
  • Strength: Remarkable 26
  • Endurance: Amazing 46
  • Reason: Good 8
  • Intuition: Good 15
  • Psyche: Incredible 36

Health: 106
Karma: 39
Resources: Remarkable 26
Popularity: 20
Initiative: +0

Powers: 4/4
  • Plasticity, Rank: Incredible 36
    •  Stunts:
      •  Bouncing Ball
      •  Phenoscythe (Incredible 36 edged damage)
      •  Phenokens (Thrown weapon, Remarkable 26 damage).
  • Elongation, Rank: Incredible 36
  • Wall Crawling, Rank: Remarkable 26
  • Paralyzing Touch, Rank: Incredible 36, Limitation: Does not affect inorganic materials.
Talents: 3/5
  • Actor
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Martial Arts C


  • UMF Stealth suit: Good 10 protection vs. Physical, Remarkable 26 protection from Cold, +2cs to Stealth
Original Phenotype costume.

Phenotype's original costume.


Ian Crane was a highly successful stage and movie actor. At the height of his career he was diagnosed with a rare form of myeloma that had metastasized to his bones. After traveling across the US and Europe in look for a cure he is approached by Stone Dynamics Corp. He is asked to participate in the experimental trials for a series of revolutionary genetic recombination treatments. He agreed and began treatment at the Cancer Care department of The University of Chicago Medical Center. Unknown to him the project had been taken over by the evil organization known as HYDRA.

The treatment involved the genetic recombination of harvested body parts. His consciousness was then transfered from his ailing body into a new one and he was led to believe that the cancer had gone into remission and he had made a full recovery. Unknown to him at the time, the process had caused a mutation that altered his genetic make-up giving him powers.

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