Pete Wisdom

Pete Wisdom
Idenitity: Peter Wisdom

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 80
Karma 50
Resources Good
Popularity 5


Energy Knives: Wisdom can create knives of energy that he can project from his fingers at up to 3 areas range. Wisdoms energy can cut through up to Remarkable material and each do Good energy damage. He can throw up to 5 of these per round.


Wisdom, carries two auto pistols with him that do Typical shooting damage up to 3 areas away.


Martial Arts A, B, Knives, Thrown Weapons, Firearms, Espionage.


MI-6, Excalibur, Kitty Pryde


Peter Wisdom entered MI-6 (the British intelligence service) at a young age, and rose quickly by virtue of both his sharp mind and his ruthless nature. His mutant powers and considerable combat skills made him particularly deadly on special missions.

Early in his career, Peter was involved with assassin Sari Saint Hubbins. However, he chose duty over romance when he uncovered Sari’s involvement in a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth.

Peter was eventually recruited into the top secret organization Black Air, a unit charged with executing the least savory objectives of the British government and dealing extensively in paranormal matters. One of the last cases he worked on with a mission in Genosha along with Excalibur ; the group was trying to prevent a civil war in the country between the mutates and the humans, while Wisdom was after an unspecified objective. He immediately had problems with everybody, especially with Kitty Pryde, and though he was supposed to be just watching, he almost killed a mutate with his hot knives. Excalibur’s mission was a failure, but not for Black Air, who just wanted them to discover some secrets they could use later.

After that, Wisdom stayed for a while in Muir Island, until he received a message from his only friend, who was in danger. As Kitty was the only one capable of piloting a plane to take him to England, she went with him and got involved in an operation called Dream Nails, related to the existance of alien beings and experiments with human and alien DNA in order to create an anti-mutant weapon. Although they couldn’t save his friend, Pryde and Wisdom destroyed the base and stole the info of the operation. After that case, having discovered that Dream Nails was a Black Air operation, Wisdom resigned his post for this secret was too dark for his conscience to bear.

The many dangers he and Shadowcat faced, and Wisdom’s abrasive, strong personnality caused the young woman to become attracted to him. This relationship was a bad move from the start, as it coincided with Colossus’ return. Colossus was the former lover of Pryde, and broke Wisdom’s spine. Wisdom survived, but was confined to a wheelchair for some time. While Peter initially found it useful to toy with Kitty’s affections, he later came to care for her and now feels guilty over his previous attitudes. Still, Kitty realized that her feelings for Peter weren’t completely reciprocated, and they have broken off their relationship.

Peter has now left the Excalibur team. His past as an intelligence agent is returning to haunt him with increasing intensity. Sari Saint Hubbins has come back with a vengeance, and it is unclear wether Black Air backs her vendetta or if she’s acting on her own

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