Identity: Kara Killgrave

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Amazing

Health 32
Karma 76
Resources Poor
Popularity 0


Pheromones: Kara has pheromones that give her Amazing powers of Mind Control in a ten area radius. All targets turn purple when under Kara’s control, and then they will obey any command to the best of their ability, although it will not affect the body’s involuntary responses.




Madison Jeffries


Roughly fourteen years-ago, .a young woman named Melanie encountered Zebediah Killgrave, the criminal known as the Purple Man, in a bar in Buffalo, New York. Killgrave had the superhuman power to compel other people to obey his wilt. Apparently, contrary to previous accounts, Killgrave gained this power many years before his first encounter with his nemesis, the costumed crime-fighter, Daredevil. Struck by her beauty and acting on a whim, Killgrave used his superhuman power to induce Melanie to agree to marry him.

As time passed, Killgrave fell in love with Melanie and released her from his control in the hope that she truly loved him as well. Instead, she was horrified by what he had done to her, and fled to Toronto, Canada. She was already pregnant with their, daughter; Kara, who was born with normal Caucasian coloring. However. one day, when Kara was thirteen, her body turned purple just like her father’s. Simultaneously, she developed her father’s ability to control minds. Melanie then told her at last her father was the Purple Man, but Kara regarded herself as a freak.

Soon afterward, Kara encountered Northstar, a member of the Canadian team of superhuman adventurers known as Alpha. Flight. Kara used her power to put Northstar under her control and had him bring her to meet the other members of Alpha Flight. But fearing that Alpha Flight might kill her, she fled, forcing one of their members, Madison Jeffries, to fly her to Toronto. There, she and Jeffries .were captured by a man known as the Auctioneer, who used drugs to control Kara, who was already controlling Jeffries.

The Auctioneer held an auction at which he attempted to sell the services of Kara and Jeffries to the highest bidder. Kara overcame the effects the drugs and defied the Auctioneer who retaliated by sealing her in a synthetic material. But, as a result, Jeffries was freed from Kara’s control and-he used his powers over metal to battle the Auctioneer and his cohorts. The rest of Alpha Flight then came to the rescue.

Alpha Flight decided to make Kara one of their trainees; hence, she became a member of the training team, Beta Flight. Kara had many adventures with Alpha Flight and was known as the Purple Girl. During this time, Kara developed a romantic relationship with fellow Beta member Manikin.

Eventually, however Kara tired of this active life and went home to her mother, taking her friends, Laura Dean and Goblyn, with her. More recently, though, Kara returned to activity as a member of Alpha Flight’s beck-up team Gamma Flight. She had also taken the new name of Persuasion. In this capacity, she served alongside Alpha Flight on occaisonal adventures, such as the time she joined Aurora, Laura Dean, and Goblyn to rescue Northstar from the extradimensional Asgard.

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